We are your VRL France Spring champions!

As you may have heard, last weekend we were crowned Champions of the VRL France Spring Split after a historic reverse sweep against Team BDS.

VRL France Spring Champions announcement tweet

Let’s be honest: it was not easy at all. Even though we spend most part of the regular season as the number one in the leaderboards, surprisingly it came down to the last week to secure our spot in the playoffs. An objective we achieved after a very convincing 13-09 victory against Wylde. We were now guaranteed of the first seed and could start focusing on the playoffs.

Shin’s ace in the rematch on Haven against Wylde

Being first seed meant that we would first face the only team that managed to defeat us during the regular season: beGenius. On top of that, a victory against them would lead us to the finals, facing OG Esports or Team BDS, two very powerful teams.

A great playoffs start!

Playoff-time had come. First, we had to get revenge during the semi-finals against beGenius, a matchup that caused a lot of nerves! We started the match in one of the worst ways possible by losing one of our strongest maps: Split. Luckily, our coach kept the players cool, we took back the momentum in the middle of the second game on Bind and won the next two maps as well, granting us a ticket for the Grand Finals!

After OG Esports‘ loss against Team BDS, we knew who was going to be our opponents for the Grand Finals. Our practice was over, we were ready.

Time for the Grand Finals!

That was it. All this work, all these games, everything came down to this best-of-5. Unfortunately, the same scenario repeated itself, this time in an even worse way. We lost the two first maps with some harsh scores: 10-13 (Haven) ; 07-13 (Bind). But, thanks to a great job of our coach again, our players managed to bounce back on Ascent to get the momentum on our side. 1-2, We were finally playing our game.

Win clip | S1 vs. Team BDS (Ascent)

Next map: Split. With a very good win rate on this map, we were pretty confident that we could take the win, even if it was Team BDS‘ map of choice. That’s exactly what happened. Not without some struggle, but we won. It all came down to the last map of this BO5: Breeze.

Last time we played Breeze in an official match was a complete disaster, thus it was not without any worries that we went into the last game of the split. On top of that, we started the map even worse than last time, to the point that the score ran up to 1-8 in favor of Team BDS. But, again, we recovered and came back into a breathtaking match, leading up to 12-12, overtime. After 5 matchpoints for Team BDS, that we managed to deny, Shin clutched a 1vs3 to get us our first chance at securing the match. We did what Team BDS couldn’t, and took the first chance we got: 18-16.

Shin’s 1vs3 clutch vs. Team BDS

After 124 rounds of Valorant during this match, we finally added the last piece of this historic reverse sweep against Team BDS, crowning us VRL France Spring Champions.

S1 vs. Team BDS final round on Breeze

What’s next?

Now we aim for Europe! 
With title as champions of France, we gain access to the promotion tournament that can grant us a ticket for the biggest European league: the VCT EMEA Challengers. Follow our social media to get the latest news, as we are not done yet. Brussels is going to keep on rising! #BrusselsRising

Content creators Shop

We’re recruiting a new content creator! Welcome, Saiven.

Yes, you read that right, we are pleased to announce that Saiven has joined Sector One as a content creator!

Saiven’s announcement tweet

As Valorant is the latest game we’ve started competing on, we thought that recruiting a CC specialised in this game would be a good choice.
Our paths naturally crossed with Saiven. Being a young Valorant streamer from Brussels, we immediately wanted to collaborate with him. The goal is to represent Brussels as best as possible, right?
We’re working together on a lot of projects already, and we can’t wait to show you!

The first project we collaborated on was his merch collection. Already available on our website, we will take care of the printing, promotion and all the logistics of his T-shirts and hoodies. The full drop is on our site, check it out now!🔥

Saiven wearing the Saiven Corp drop T-shirt

Saiven’s recruitment is part of a drive to recreate a team of content creators in Sector One. So keep an eye on our social media channels in the upcoming weeks, new foxes may be joining the den! 🦊