Welcome to the Wings Program

Even though we have been (successfully) competing in the VRL France as Benelux representatives for almost a year now, rest assured we haven’t forgotten our roots. All this time we kept a close eye on the local Valorant esports scene and it’s safe to say that our esports manager did some excellent scouting. We are proud to present the young and local talent that will compete and develop under our wings.

What is the “Wings program”?

These rough diamonds are the pioneers who will set foot in the “Sector One Wings Program” The project is aimed towards shaping young gamers into the professional esports athletes of tomorrow. We will be revealing more of our “Wings Program”-strategy soon, so keep an eye out on all of our content mediums!

League of Legends

Sector One reveal their League of Legends Elite Series roster

“We need a roster that makes sure we take back our rightful Elite Series Crown.”
– Ken Sevenants, Operations.

“I’m confident that it takes raw talent with the right mindset to become the athletes of tomorrow. That’s what defines these guys.”
– Jeroen Dobbelaere, Esports Manager.

On the 5th June 2022, Sector One, in partnership with Orange Belgium, is proud to announce their latest addition to their esports lineup. Welcoming a team consisting of young, raw and untamed talent, they set their sights on the prize. Mentored by an expert coaching staff, they believe to have formed the best lineup to get back their rightful first place in the Elite Series.

The roster consists of the following players:

  • Laurentiu-Dodel “Coatpustmain” Zidaru
  • Veselin “Hatred” Popov
  • Michael “Mikkel” Nguyen
  • Charlie “Orre” Orre
  • Alexandros “Zafir” Kafiris

The team will be coached by the Greek duo Christos “Ph0bos” Ventouris and Nikolaos “Hades” Zachariadis. Ph0bos having a background in both teaching and psychology will be leading the team as headcoach, while Hades will be the supportive factor by providing all analytical insight the team requires to hit that rank 1 spot.