League of Legends Season 9 is here and the Benelux spring season is just getting underway. It’s a lot of pressure for anyone, let alone a new roster, but the brand new Academy team isn’t letting that scare them. They’ve got their sights set on glory.

Sector One took a moment to speak with each of the players, asking them about their goals for the coming season. While experience levels vary from player to player, many of their goals are similar; they expect the best from themselves. But hold on, we’ll let them tell you.


“This is my first season playing for a competitive team, so my first goal is to get comfortable within the scene and start racking up some experience around tournaments and events. I’d like to get to know people, friends or foes, and create bonds and rivalries to spice up my experience along the way. A special goal I have is to clear up my bad reputation as a one-trick pony. I want to show trash talkers that I can play a variety of champions and that they’ll need to fear me in-game. I want to help my team get the victories they deserve. My general direction for this season will be working hard and building myself and the team to become a powerhouse in the esports scene.”


“My goal for the 2019 season is to achieve as much as possible with S1 Academy. Hopefully, we can become a team that will be feared. I’m also eager to adapt to the newest meta (and the ones after that) and learn some new crazy champions in S9!”


“My team goal for 2019 is to qualify for ESL Dutch and Kayzr League and to have a respectable showing, keeping in mind that our team is still new. Our team has a great mix of 3 veterans and 2 rookies. It might take some time to mesh, but I believe we have great potential. As for my own personal goals: I aim to at least reach diamond 1 again and maybe even master tier. Furthermore, I wish to up my cs/m, both in competitive and soloqueue, to at least an average of 8.5 cs per minute. Lastly, my goal is to become a contender for one of the best high-elo midlaners in the Benelux.”


“As I am a veteran of both the team and the Benelux scene, my expectations might be more realistic and tempered than those of the newer players. I expect that we can contend for a top 4 spot in every competition in the Benelux scene. I believe that our mix of young talent and veteran experience can bring a strong force within the scene. My role as a player is AD Carry, but my function goes beyond that. I try to bring focus both inside and outside the game, from an experienced perspective. Some call me “an old bastard” but I call myself a calm and collected player that brings a strong voice of determination and structure. I hope that I can lead my team to great heights by applying my own experience in the current setting.”


“My teammates have great in-game mechanics, and I’m striving to be as mechanically sound as they are. One of my strengths is that I bring a lot of creative shot-calling and champion picks to our games, which I use to catch teams off guard and create win conditions. Maokai is just one in a deep pool of unexpected supports, and I have many more to play in the future. My goal is to reach at least top 4 and the dream is to have an S1 vs S1A final!”