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Acidz’s Djinni Eggladin

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Greetings everyone !

My name is Acidz and I’m here to help you gain more insight in how to play and master my Djinni Eggladin deck ! I’ve been playing it for a few days already now and have garnered quite some success with it. So without any further ado, I’ll be elaborating on how Djinni Eggladin works, how you should mulligan with the deck and what your win conditions are in the most common matchups.

Enjoy the read !


Acidz Djinni Eggladin Decklist

Mulligan Guide

Always keep: Argent Squire, Zombie Chow, Abusive Sergeant, Shielded Minibot, Haunted Creeper and Muster for Battle. You can also keep Nerubian Egg when you have something to buff it with (lower cost than 4-mana) or if you have a good curve already.

I’ll be going more in-depth on specific mulligans in the Matchups section !


As you may have noticed the main the main gimmick of the deck is it’s variety of buffs. Which can get you into trouble if you have no board.

So to avoid this I’ll be summerizing a few tips.

  • Avoid using all your buffs on 1 minion, try to spread them out accordingly
  • Try and use your Nerubian Egg to survive AOE-damage. Buffing your Egg doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to try and trade/kill it right away. This strategy can be beneficial in control matchups (e.g. Priest, Warrior, Renolock, Handlock, etc..) but I would not advise doing this agains’t other deck archetypes at the risk of losing too much tempo.
  • Try and have something on the board at all times. This mean that playing something as tempo to stay ahead on the board will sometimes be necessary (e.g. playing an [Abusive Sergeant on an empty board]
  • Use your divine shields wisely, depending on the deck you’re facing you want to be deciding if you’d rather create a favorable by buffing a minion with divine shield or keeping the shield in order to survive AOE-clears


I’ve already gone into what cards to keep in the Mulligan section, the information bellow is regarding what cards you can consider keeping ontop of the standard ‘Ideal’ mulligan

Mage :
Tempo Mage: Loatheb to take back the board, Truesilver Champion for an immediate answer to Flamewaker.
Freeze Mage: Loatheb to postpone lethal, him freezing the board or preventing him from playing another Ice Block.

Midrange Druid: Coghammer Is better than Muster for Battle, because you want to be playo,g around swipe, Aldor Peacekeeper ( If you decide to run it).
Aggro Druid: Coghammer ( Only taunt in the deck) is good against early Innervate minions).

Secret Paladin:  Just try to stay ahead on board.
Midrange Paladin: Just try to play around Consecration and trade efficiently!

Patron Warrior: Keep Truesilver Champion and try to prepare for the patrons
Control Warrior: Seal of Champions is a key card in this matchup. Warrior generally uses his weapons to clear the board, but with the deathrattles and divine shields we’re able to nullify that. Use your Nerubian Eggs to prevent a good brawl.

RenoLock: Hard matchup I would say, try to go for value and finish with a strong Djinni of Zephyrs turn.
Zoo: [Coghammer} and Muster for Battle are mighty in this matchup.
Handlock: (Hard matchup) Keeper of Uldaman is a key card in this one. Try not to use her on your minions, but on a giant instead. Try to keep track of your opponent’s health, so you won’t lose to an instant taunt wall ( 2 moltens, sunfury).

Aggro Shaman: (decent matchup) Only one tip: Use Coghammer to make them trade and race them. If you face them too much I would suggest taking out 1 Divine Favor for a Defender of Argus or Tirion Fordring.

Control Priest: (Seems like hard matchup but is OK) If you run the 2 divine shield, you should be able to defeat the priest. Try to prevent a good Lightbomb by using the egg’s and divine shields.

Face and Midrange Hunter: (hard matchup) But I’ve won more than half of my matchups, because I was able to heal with Truesilver Champion and play my eggs into their Explosive Trap

Oil Rogue: (hard matchup) Loatheb is MVP in this matchup. If you manage to play Loatheb and Djinni of Zephyrs together on turn 10 with still some buff cards in hand, you’re golden. 1 tip, keep on clearing their board!


If you’d like to see me play this deck live with commentary, I cordially invited you to check my stream where I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about it.


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