#BACKTOTHEROOTS – An interview with Jerry

Posted by Catherine Rector 11 July 2019 in Announcements

On July 1st, a single video went out on social media, teasing “#BACKTOTHEROOTS – 11.07.2019”. After a few days of complete silence, a second video went up. Finally, we have the big reveal.

But what does it mean? We’re sitting down with Sector One General Manager Jeroen “Jerry” Dobbelaere to find out.

Things look different around here. What’s going on?

Jerry: Sector One has been around for five years now. We’ve always grown with the times and this year is no different. We wanted something new going into the summer season. Something fresh and modern. The whole management team has been pouring their hearts into rebranding, redesigning, and restructuring everything from the top down. We’re really excited to finally unveil the results!

The theme is “#BACKTOTHEROOTS.” Can you tell us about that?

Jerry: The esports industry is growing fast. There’s a lot of pressure to compete. Sector One wants to stay on at the cutting edge of the Benelux scene, but we also know it’s important not to lose sight of the past. #BacktotheRoots is a campaign that focuses on where we came from, the strides we took, and the people who have built us up. We want to show new fans what we’re capable of and remind old fans of the great memories we’ve made together.

But this campaign is also personal for me. I knew when I started as General Manager that I didn’t want to sit on the backlines and watch everything happen. I wanted to pump some energy into our projects and show the world I’m invested, and that I’ll be invested all the way through.

Sector One - #BacktotheRoots - Jerry Jeroen Dobeleare

And what does the rebrand mean, exactly?

Jerry: We’ve completely revamped our design, meaning we’ve got a whole new look on social media, as well as new types of upcoming content. There may also be a new jersey in the near future, for all our collectors out there 😉 We’ve got lots of other things in the works, but I won’t spoil any of it.

It’s already time for the new season. What teams can we expect this summer?

Jerry: We’ve decided to narrow our focus this split. The new League of Legends roster has been practising and has already earned their spot in the Benelux Premier League. We’ll be announcing the team soon.

The Hearthstone lineup will also be returning this summer, including Sjoesie, AVZ, Badajimpom, and Joske. Sjoesie and AVZ have both qualified for Hearthstone Masters Seoul and will be flying to South Korea to compete in August. Expect to see some content around that.

Do you have any other teasers for us?

Jerry: I can’t say much, because so many things aren’t quite ready for the public, but I’m really enthusiastic about the second half of this year. We have such big plans and every day we get a little closer to bringing them to life. We’ll be announcing all our news on social media, so make sure you’re following us with the info below.

But before you go, I just want to thank the Sector One community who has been with us on this journey. I’m glad you’ll be here to see the next step.

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