Whether you are a beginner or veteran WoW player the goal of this monthly article series is to share some of the
best tips and info that you can use to improve your character and boost your game experience and skill.

In this first edition we are starting with the basics and will show you two great resources you should definitely be using if you are not already that are sure to be a big advantage regardless of your skill level or class.

You may already know of and use Discord as a great way to communicate but it is also invaluable as a way to have constant, live access to information and discussions about
specific classes. By joining these groups in Discord, not only do you have access to the constant flow of interactive information and conversation provided here with the general channel but you also have the abiliy to access the sub groups of each server that are dedicated to the specialty of each class.

Just download Discord here if you don’t have it already and clicky on the link appropriate for your class below.

Warcraft logs is another extremely useful tool that that can be used to give as basic or as detailed information as you want. It can give you an overview of how you compare to others in your class as well as give you very detailed reports on almost everything you could possible think of.  One feature that is especially useful is the “Problems” page that tells you exactly where you are having issues or could improve on every boss fight. Of course this information is extremely beneficial to anyone looking to improve their skill and saves you tons of time analyzing where you might be going wrong yourself.

You can download Warcraft logs at the link below and start logging like a pro today. Your raid will probably thank you for it and appreciate your effort to better yourself and your raid team.

Official Site – https://www.warcraftlogs.com/

And here is a link Wowheads amazing, step-by-step guide to using Warcraft logs as well to help get you going.


Thank you for reading! We hope this helped you in some way and that you will join us again for more tips on Becoming a Pro next month.

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