Blizzard Invitation Confirms March 11 Expansion Reveal 0

A few days ago Blizzard changed the 5 featured cards on the HearthStone front page to Mind Blast, Void Terror, Dark Wispers, Cult Master and Faceless Manipulator.

Looking back at previous expansions we know that Blizzard tends to use this method (changing the 5 featured cards) to tease upcoming changes or expansions to Hearthstone.

Speculations on what theme this would apply to has already been deduced by YouTuber “Disguised Toast”. Making a video combinding alot of facts on how these cards could be linked to the Old Gods.

Comfirming this theory even more, websites have also started posting invitations for an upcoming official HearthStone stream. reading : “There are whispers around the Tavern… Come listen closely and discover the next Hearthstone expansion at a special live-streamed event!”.

Blizzard Invitation Confirms March 11 Expansion Reveal 1
Blizzard Invitation Confirms March 11 Expansion Reveal 2

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet that the Old Gods are indeed linked to this, there’s only way to find out for sure if Yogg Saron and his brethren are up to no good again and that’s to Follow PlayHearthstone on Twitch and tune in to their stream this Friday, 7 P.M. (CET).

Cards will be uploaded our website as soon as they are revealed or leaked, so stay tuned!


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