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Mill Warlock by Sjoesie

September 11, 2017/0/1/

Hello, I’m Sjoesie, a Belgian Hearthstone player and deck builder playing for the pro team Sector One. After the release of the new expansion KoFT, I’ve been testing around with a lot of the cool new concepts and combinations (a special thanks to the awesome Death Knight card type, which causes a lot of late game decks to be viable).

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Top Legend Decks: June Part 1

June 15, 2017/0/0/

Top Legend Decks June Part 1 – Showing the most performing and creative decks of this first half of season 39, that reached top legend ranks.

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Top Legend Decks: May Finishes

June 3, 2017/0/0/

Sector One’s Arneej (@ONE_Arneej) here, bringing you the decks that were played at Top Legend Hearthstone ranks in the month of May.

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Top Legend Decks: Un’Goro Expansion

May 14, 2017/0/3/

Guukboii here again, bringing you my insight into a few creative and interesting decks that were successfully played at the Top Legend ranks in the current Un’Goro meta.

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Sjoesie’s Top 10 Legend Miracle Priest Guide

May 12, 2017/1/2/

Hello, I’m Sjoesie, a Belgian Hearthstone player. You might know me for the guide I wrote about an unique Echo Mage, with which I reached a top 100 finish.

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Competitive Insight Un’Goro Card Review

March 21, 2017/0/4/

Hello fellow Hearthstoners, Some of you may already know me from my Miracle Rogue guides, other articles or just from seeing me in a tournament and/or on streams. For those who wouldn’t know who I am, my name is Guukboii and I’m a semi-pro Belgian Hearthstone player currently playing for Sector One competitively and from [...]

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High Legend Rogue Decks: “So many options…”

February 22, 2017/5/3/

image credits to SpiritAJ Intro Are you missing the “fun” factor lately while playing ladder ? Valeera has your back (this time)… Nerfs are imminent and most of us are just looking to have some fun right now on ladder. This is why we’re changing things up a bit and we’re bringing you a “Rogue [...]

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Rank 1 Legend Decks – February

February 8, 2017/0/0/

There is a lot of debate currently going about the current state of the meta and a lot of players are bored with playing Reno or Patches decks. When things get boring, players tend to mess around and look for new ways to build decks, which can lead to some awesome innovation and the comeback [...]

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High Legend Decks – January 2017

January 23, 2017/4/0/

Almost two months have passed since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was released, and although a lot of analysts are saying that the current meta has settled and is close to being figured out. Many of the high legend players just love experimenting & refining decks, which often leads to surprising results. As always these decklists [...]

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Rank 1 Legend Decks – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan January

January 9, 2017/0/0/

The best part about a ladder reset is that players get a clean start and aren’t afraid of trying out fresh ideas that might otherwise mess up their current ranking. This leads to what keeps this game interesting; innovation. As it may seem like the tier 1 decks have been figured out, remember that their [...]

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