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Sector One reveal their League of Legends Elite Series roster

“We need a roster that makes sure we take back our rightful Elite Series Crown.”
– Ken Sevenants, Operations.

“I’m confident that it takes raw talent with the right mindset to become the athletes of tomorrow. That’s what defines these guys.”
– Jeroen Dobbelaere, Esports Manager.

On the 5th June 2022, Sector One, in partnership with Orange Belgium, is proud to announce their latest addition to their esports lineup. Welcoming a team consisting of young, raw and untamed talent, they set their sights on the prize. Mentored by an expert coaching staff, they believe to have formed the best lineup to get back their rightful first place in the Elite Series.

The roster consists of the following players:

  • Laurentiu-Dodel “Coatpustmain” Zidaru
  • Veselin “Hatred” Popov
  • Michael “Mikkel” Nguyen
  • Charlie “Orre” Orre
  • Alexandros “Zafir” Kafiris

The team will be coached by the Greek duo Christos “Ph0bos” Ventouris and Nikolaos “Hades” Zachariadis. Ph0bos having a background in both teaching and psychology will be leading the team as headcoach, while Hades will be the supportive factor by providing all analytical insight the team requires to hit that rank 1 spot.

League of Legends

Brand new roster, ready for Elite Series LoL Spring!

And we are back for another season!

Sector One makes its return in the Elite Series League of Legends this year with a brand new roster. Previously called Belgian League/Dutch League, earlier this season META announced the merger of the two leagues which now includes all the Benelux teams.


So yes, starting Monday 17th January, we will be competing against the greatest League of Legends teams in Benelux: KVM Esports, KRC Genk Esports, LowLandLions, Echo Zulu, Mcon Esports, ION Squad and Team 7AM.

The roster changed entirely, but we’ll keep the same spirit: #S1WIN!

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Welcome S1 x BMW

Buckle up people, we have some exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce Sector Ones newest sponsor: BMW Belux.

BMW will not only help our players to arrive at events and tournaments in style, they will also give us active support in many other areas.

BMW Belux chose Sector One as their first Belgian esports partnership, but on an international level they already have a lot of experience. In the summer of 2020 BMW announced partnerships with five of the biggest players worldwide: Cloud 9 (VS), Fnatic (UK), Funplus Phoenix (China), G2 Esports (Germany) en T1 (South Korea).

We can’t wait to find out how far this new partnership will take us in the upcoming year!

Be sure to check out what BMW Belux is all about here:


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The academy experience

When we initially launched this adventure, we had a notion of what we wanted to do, but not to which extent. It all seemed nice and easy: open tryouts for an academy team. However, when the applications started rolling in, it was clear that we had garnered more people than we expected. The amount of responses was overwhelming and it was clear that ‘just tryouts’ wouldn’t be the correct approach. After sitting down with management and assistant coach Nissa, we agreed to make multiple teams as we had plenty of players and coaches to pick from. Since we were also going to do it on a larger scale, we felt like it was also good to have it streamed, this way we could shine some light on the players that were present in the Benelux player pool. What I personally loved the most, was that we had people apply that we had never heard about before. This once again confirmed how many more players we can still find and reach out to.

100 applicants, where to start, where to end

Next up was the hard task of going through all applications and picking the right players to fill out our teams. When going through applications, the process wasn’t just about picking the highest ranked candidates, but also about who had the best application. In the end, you try to choose a player and a person, instead of only a player. We chose to create 6 teams (Alpha-Foxtrot) to start with the first round of tryouts. Teams were put together based on their application, to see if players and coaches were able to identify the strengths of their roster and utilize them properly.

We survived day 1, now what?

When the first round concluded, we had to continue our selection process to determine which players were going to move on to the second round. As stated above, we didn’t straight up go for the best performing members. We also took other factors into consideration, as we wanted to see how players behaved in a team environment for example. As this was also our first time holding tryouts in such a format, it was an interesting experience seeing how committed coaches and players were. Teams planned to play and practice beforehand, coaches did preparations for their own team and the enemy; everyone was giving it their all. This was refreshing to see as everyone was here to try their best to get a spot on the team.

“Something that was clear, is that the passion was very present and the caliber of competition was still high.”

Sadly enough, every competition has winners and losers

As with these kinds of competitions, people also had to be disappointed. After the first round we tried to move forward with the players we thought had the most potential. Some choices were easy, and allowed for quick decisions, where other choices were extremely hard to make. Eventually we got to 4 new teams each with their own coach. Something that was clear, is that the passion was very present and the caliber of competition was still high. Games were back and forth most of the time and picking players to form 2 final teams for the final phase was even harder than the previous round.

As with all tryouts, some decisions were outside of our control, meaning that some players chose not to pursue further rounds as they had found a team or had other tryouts going on. Therefore, some choices were made for us instead of by us.

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Sector One x Qallo bootcamp

Last week the Sector One League of Legends team has gathered one last time this season to prepare for the Belgian League Country Finals. Consisting of the best teams of the Spring and Summer split, the Country Finals is the culmination of the first edition of the Belgian League, which was scheduled to be played online due to COVID-19. Despite that, the team consisting of Belgian and international players and staff assembled Friday October 9 in order to make one last push to ensure their status as best League of Legends team in Belgium.

At the brand new state of the art Qallo Performance Center in Kontich, our League of Legends team spent their last 10 days of this season preparing for the big finale of the year: the Country Finals. In partnership with Qallo we wanted to make sure our players were able to prepare in the best conditions possible for this event. Whereas ‘normal’ bootcamps consist of players spamming games, eating junk food and drinking energy drinks we wanted to take things to the next level. We believe that esports-players are full-fledged athletes, and thus deserve professional guidance.

The bootcamp helped us in getting the edge we needed to win the country finals, all of our players could use a change of pace and the Qallo guys did an amazing job accommodating us.

Tibo “Nissa” Nijs, League Of Legends analyst/assistant coach


The first step of our successful performance camp was choosing the right location. We wanted our players to be able to prepare in full privacy, with proper COVID-19 measures and state of the art equipment. All of this was found at the Qallo Performance Center. Located in Kontich, close to Antwerp, Qallo gave us access to their kingdom. Whereas good computers and a great internet connection is the basic standard of bootcamps, the Qallo Performance Center consists of much more. Our players had their own practice area with stage-like lighting and audio equipment, a private gym with shower facilities, a dining area and a relaxing zone. On top of that, the Qallo Performance Center has extra office space, a fully equipped podcast-studio and a spectators area where all games can be watched on a high-end setup. To top things off, the location has its own half-pipe and ping pong table!

The guys at Qallo are geniuses. Everything at the bootcamp was perfect. We progressed so much and everyone was feeling fresh. They were as invested as anyone in the team.

Vlad “Saviour” Dvorertskiy, League Of Legends player


The 10 day performance camp wouldn’t be successful without proper planning and scheduling. In cooperation with Qallo our players were guided through this week with a big focus on health and mental-wellbeing. Apart from the standard practice, 8 hours of sleep, morning walks and extracurricular ‘Qallo sessions’ were the main keywords here. During these Qallo sessions, under guidance by professionals, our players were trained on nongaming related topics, to improve their in-game focus and performance. This was accomplished by doing several breathing exercises, sleeping techniques, Yoga, core-stability training, stretching, etc.

Breathing exercises inbetween games help our players to maximize their focus going into the next match.

The bootcamp helped us become better on an individual and team level. The Qallo sessions taught us a lot on how to become a healthier and more productive person.

Jeroen “Night” Segers, League Of Legends player

Qfocus & Qsleep

Finally, we wanted this performance camp to distinguish itself from normal bootcamps even more by monitoring our players’ diet. During this period, our athletes were withheld from caffeine, ate healthy and stayed hydrated. On top of that, our players benefited from the brand new Qfocus and Qsleep: two healthy supplements created by Qallo with focus on esports-athletes.

Our goal with the Sector One team during the bootcamp leading up to the Belgian League Country Finals was two-fold. First, we wanted to make sure they where ready to perform at their peak, both individually and as a team, at the night of the finals. Second, we wanted to provide them with insights and practical tips to improve and potentially prolong their Esports career. Both objectives were met through a mix of inspiration sessions and a transparent schedule. I was really impressed with the level of interaction and willingness to invest in themselves to increase their performance. We helped all the players on an individual level by tackling challenges concerning sleep, physical mobility, etc. We also helped the group on a team level by working on the group dynamics and setting.

Niels ‘Super1fly’ Peetermans – Esports performance coach & co-founder qallo

At the end of our performance camp all players reported great improvements in focus, and this for a longer duration. The perfect preparation which eventually led to us winning the Country Finals. With this, we completed the Belgian ‘Grand Slam’ by winning all three titles on home soil during this dominant year. An amazing ending to a turbulent year. After seeing the drastic performance improvements of our players, we can’t wait to see what the future brings for Sector One x Qallo!

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Qallo and Sector One partner up

Big News!
We’re teaming up with esport performance supplement provider Qallo.

Their goal will be to get our League of Legends team to the next level, both ingame and out of game! One week prior the Belgian League Country Finals, we’ll be bootcamping at their Performance Center in Antwerp, Belgium.

If you wish to learn more about Qallo and their products, make sure to visit their website or follow them on their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

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Belgian League Country Finals

We’re going all out for the final event of the year! Our boys have shown absolute domination in the Belgian League throughout the competitive season and we’re planning on taking home this last trophy with a swift final blow!

Source: Belgian League Website

As always, all the action will be streamed live from the Gamelux Twitch stream (