Competitive Insight Un’Goro Card Review

Posted by Guukboii 21 March 2017 in Hearthstone

Hello fellow Hearthstoners,

Some of you may already know me from my Miracle Rogue guides, other articles or just from seeing me in a tournament and/or on streams. For those who wouldn’t know who I am, my name is Guukboii and I’m a semi-pro Belgian Hearthstone player currently playing for Sector One competitively. From time to time I write guides and give my opinion on certain changes in the Un’Goro meta.

Today I’ll be talking about a couple of recently released cards.
Although it is hard to give an accurate opinion on a certain card before the meta is set, it should be possible to determine whether a card is good or bad enough to see play.

Shadow VisionsSunkeeper Tarim | Crystalline Oracle 

Shadow Visions

Shadow Visions Sector One


2 Mana Discover effect, can’t really be compared to any card right now.


Discover a copy of a spell from your own deck. This card does a couple of things. First of all, it adds a 3rd copy of a spell to your deck (most of the time, because you play the good priest spells usually twice, unless you’re playing Reno Priest). Which means that you can take the spell you need in a certain matchup, an extra Entomb is extremely good against control decks. A 3rd Flash Heal against aggro can maybe make you last just long enough to stabilize.

But I don’t think the card was built for this reason.
What Control Priest mostly lacks at the moment is a consistent way to deal with aggression. Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing do wonders to clear a board, but it’s a 2 card combo and when not played together, they are honestly not really good.

That’s why this card was invented.
Give up 2 mana tempo in order to have a higher chance of drawing certain combo pieces in the matchups that you need it.

Does that mean it’s a good card?
I highly doubt it.

Control Priest hasn’t been played in quite a while due to the popularity of Jade decks (especially Druid), Miracle Rogue and Combo Renolock. They simply get outvalued or OTK’ed (One Turn Kill) before they even reach the endgame they want to be in.

In none-Control Priest decks I don’t think you can afford to give up 2 mana just to have a certain spell that you might need later in the game. Especially since you just cycle a card, you give up a draw to get another card instead, that’s all this card does.


The most popular archetype for Priest is ‘Dragon Priest’, which definitely doesn’t want to give up 2 mana in tempo in order to get a certain spell. It might be a good card in Control or Reno Priest but both archetypes get easily beaten by Miracle Rogue, Combo Renolock and especially Jade Druid/Shaman.

The future of Miracle Rogue and other combo decks is still a bit unsure but Jades will still be around for quite a while!

Sunkeeper Tarim

Sunkeeper Tarim Sector One


6 mana for a 3/7 taunt, compared to the closest vanilla equivalent Ancient of Blossoms the stats are fairly good. Not good enough to run in a deck but definitely good enough to play on an empty board (so without effect) if there are no good alternatives.


‘Set all other minions’ Attack and Health to 3.’
On your side of the board this card can be compared to Quartermaster, which was definitely played in most midrange paladin decks.

Although there are 2 differences: Quartermaster had access to Muster for Battle, which immediately summoned 3 silver hand recruits that could be buffed. And it also didn’t affect the possible stronger minions that were on your side of the board already.

Which means that the card feels at its strongest when you are even or behind on the board.
But when you are behind, do you really want to turn their minions into 3/3’s?

Usually that doesn’t have enough impact to make a difference. A better, and similar card, in that situation is probably Eadric the Pure.

It does cost 1 mana more, with the same stats, but it does take a lot of power off their board, considering it’s big.
Also the worst part is that you can’t combo it with Consecration to clear either. That’s where Equality does a way better job.


I don’t think the card is good enough to see play at the moment. If they release a card similar to Muster for Battle, a fairly cheap card that summons a bunch of Silver Hand Recruits, then it might be good enough to add to a midrange paladin deck because of it’s versatility.

Crystalline Oracle

Crystalline Oracle Sector One


1 Mana 1/1 with the Elemental-Tribe, very comparable to Babbling Book and Swashburglar.

With the only difference that it doesn’t copy a card from a certain class but from a player’s deck, which is better most of the time.


As stated above, effects similar to Babbling Book and Swashburglar, which are both played in competitive decks.

The effect is good but I don’t think it’s good enough to run the card in a vacuum. Getting a copy of a card in your opponent’s deck, which is almost always a good card, because your opponent plays it, simply doesn’t fit the most popular archetype at the moment (Dragon Priest).

But what makes it so good is the fact that it is a deathrattle, even though deathrattles are a lot slower than battle cries. The new Priest quest ‘Awaken the Makers’ needs you to summon as many deathrattles in a short period of time, and what is possibly better than a 1 mana deathrattle minion with a strong effect?


A cheap deathrattle minion that cycles itself with a card from your opponent’s deck is reasonably good.

But when you are playing ‘Awaken the Makers’ in your deck, this card becomes amazing. IF the quest will see play in competitive decks then this card will be included without doubt.