Cookies Policy

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Who is responsible for this cookies policy?
BVBA Digital Sports, whose registered offices are at 8500 KORTRIJK, Marktstraat 36, company no. 0834.627.689

What are cookies and what cookies does Digital Sports use?
Cookies are little text files which are saved to your computer, tablet or mobile phone automatically when you visit a website.

This site only uses First Party Cookies, that is, direct cookies Digital Sports manages itself. The cookies used on this site can be divided into categories as follows:

  • Essential cookies which are needed for a website to work
  • Functional cookies which contain details of your choices and preferences on a website
  • Analytical cookies which gather information about how website visitors behave and the website’s performance. The results can be used to improve the website and give users a better experience.

  • Can you use cookies to find out who I am?
    We exclude your name, address, age and other personal details. Your details are only kept for ordering purposes if you consent via the form.

    Are cookies safe?
    Cookies are not harmful and have nothing to do with computer viruses or other malware.

    How long do you keep cookies?
    We use temporary cookies and cookies which stay on your computer longer. How long a cookie stays on your computer depends on what kind of cookie it is. A temporary cookie is deleted automatically when you close your browser.

    Do cookies slow down my computer?
    No, cookies don’t cost your computer any extra memory or slow it down.

    What happens if I accept the cookies?
    Then we put the cookies on the website wherever they work best. Only then do you get a cookie which lets you watch videos. You can also use these cookies to log in and we keep statistically anonymised details of your visit.

    Can I change the cookie settings once I’ve accepted them?
    You can change your own cookie settings if you want.

    This cookie policy may be changed. We advise you read it carefully for any changes. Last updated version: 03.05.2019