Sector One Cult Cola Odense Open Updater

Our very own Mr Robz is in Denmark fighting for the number 1 spot at the CULT Cola Odense Open. Want to stay up to date with how he progresses? Make sure to keep an eye on the tracker below!


Update Feed:

Nope, nope, nope, nope

06/04/2016 – 15:00 (+2 GMT)

Mr Robz has been beaten in the second attempt a spot in the brackets as well. We will do a report about the event itself in a few days explaining the situation and the lack of results.

But it’s safe to say, that even the casuals over there in Denmark are a force to be reckoned with.

End of the line.. or is it?

06/04/2016 – 12:22 (+2 GMT)

Sometimes things go so fast that we don’t have time to report them all. Mr Robz fought valiantly versus Carl Emil Lindblad but after 90 (ingame) minutes, he lost by 1 goal.

Mr Robz knew he had to give it his all in the next game because losing that one, would mean that he’d get eliminated from the tournament.

But alas, the Fifa Gods weren’t by his side. PJ, his final opponent, took home the game with a 1 – 0 victory.

But this is not the end! Since the tournament has multiple group stages, players were allowed to re-enter (and thus fill a spot) in the 3rd group.

The road does not end here!

First win of the day

06/04/2016 – 11:42 (+2 GMT)

The first win is in! 

First match

06/04/2016 – 10:40 (+2 GMT)

Mr Robz first opponent is Eyyaya. Good luck have fun to both players!


06/03/2016 – 23:49 (+2 GMT)

Robin and his coach Yentl arrived safely in Denmark. Time to go to sleep because tomorrow will be a big day for both of them!


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