Dreamhack France Day 1 Summary

Posted by Doppler 15 May 2016 in Hearthstone

[ish_image image=”2699″ size=”full”]With an adventurous first day and great results, it’s safe to say that our three players deserved their spot in the 128 player bracket. Instead giving you a  report of how the day day went, let’s hear it from the players themselves!

What our players had to say


After an exhausting first day (of which some had way too close games), I was able to end my day with a clean 7-0 sweep in the Swiss! The only one who was matching my score was Proto from Gamersorigin. I had to face a few notable players as well of which Elky and Torlk are the most noteworthy players.

I’m quite satisfied about my gameplay and matches in general. The occasional Rogue missplay wasn’t something that went by unnoticed but I’m still trying to work the kinks out of my Rogue-gameplay!

The decks I’ve chosen were my more comfort decks; Renolock, Tempo Warrior and Face Shaman. Due to the format, I had to look for a fourth deck. My fourth and final deck would be Rogue since the current Rogue is one of thé strongest decks in the current meta. I was quite confident in the last deck since Guukboii has taught me a lot of tips and tricks regarding Rogue.

Dreamhack France has been one of the best offline experiences so far and I hope I can take the first major Hearthstone victory home to Belgium![ish_image image=”2691″ size=”full”]


We arrived in the morning about 2 hours in advance of the event kickoff. Everything went smoothly and the admins were very helpful. After we put our laptops and gear into place we just hung around a bit and waited for the sign-in to start.

The first day had a 256 man swiss bracket where 128 players would advance to the next round meaning I had to go 4-3. The next part of the tournament would be a double elimination bracket.

From the start I was pretty confident this couldn’t be that hard. I went 3-0 fairly easy. Maybe I got a little too confident after, which affected my gameplay and resulted in me dropping a game. But I quickly recovered and went 4-1, I was certain of my spot in the play-offs!

After that I won another BO5 but sadly I lost the last one due to nonchalant gameplay because it didn’t feel like the game still mattered.

Tomorrow I’ll make sure I’ll be sharp again and i’ll try my very best to win every single game.
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For today’s part of the swiss bracket we had to go 4-3 or better. Everything started out great for us since we all went 2-0.

In the third round I played against Fabinouze, a well-known French player. The admins wanted our match to be casted and we got to play on a huge stage with audience. It was pretty stressing, but I kept my composure and won 3-1.

After that I won another game and secured my spot for the playoffs. In the end I went 6-1, dropping a single set against Proto.

Pretty happy overall with our results and glad we all made the cut-off with ease.
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