Dreamhack France Day 2 Summary

Posted by Doppler 16 May 2016 in Hearthstone

[ish_image image=”2733″ size=”full”]A very eventful day has passed, two of our players have been eliminated (Guukboii and Mitsuhide)  and Chinoize still remains in the running to become the next Dreamhack France Champion. Allez-y Chinoize!

What our players had to say


Day 2 is finally over! I’m still a delirious state, after 2 days in such a huge tournament I remain  undefeated and I’ve obtained a total score of 15-4.

I’m really happy about my line-up, especially about  bringing my Renowarlock, it’s my comfort pick and  has been performing excellent (5-0). My shaman went 2-1 (has been banned most of the time), Rogue 4-2 and Warrior 4-1.

My final game was played on stage versus LnRReinag, and It was extremely stressful. Not only were 2000+ people watching, there were also tons of internet issues, causing me to replay a game from a winning position due to a disconnect.. After falling behind 1-0 with Rogue, I was able to defeat my opponent’s Paladin 3-0 and win the match.

During my games on stage I was extremely grateful for the amount of practice I had beforehand! I kept thinking about the hints & tips of my teammates, playing around Stampeding Kodo, damaging my own minions with Rogue…

I’m feeling confident going into to finals thanks to  my well prepared lineup and he amount of practice I had with my team. I will give it my all to bring a mayor title to Sector One and Belgium.

Lastly I would like to give my thanks to Sector One. I’m extremely grateful for the support Sector One has provided us, without them there wouldn’t even be a Dreamhack France to participate in.  Also I would like to thank my teammates Guukboii, Mitsuhide, Lbdutchboy, Arneej and Jackker for all the practice, it definitely payed off!

After Dreamhack I will post my decklists on twitter https://twitter.com/ONE_Chinoize

If you want to catch me in action live: https://www.twitch.tv/milleniumtvhs[ish_image image=”2734″ size=”full”]


The second day of Dreamhack we woke up at 8 o’clock and after a quick shower, we were on our way to the event with some good vibes.

I started my first game with full focus and ended up winning fairly easy.
I got a small moral setback,  because Mitsuhide lost his first game and I wanted everybody to perform well, unfortunately with so many players participating it is likely that one of the players might fall short.

After that I cleared my head and focused on the next set of games,  I ended up winning the first 3 rounds which put me in the top 16 of the winner’s bracket.

However during my fourth game it went downhill. On paper I was favored against his line-up, but during the matches nothing went as expected. I ended up mulliganing almost all my cards every single game while my opponent  kept his whole hand. I tried to make the best of every game but after losing a few game deciding coin flips I ended up in the loser’s bracket.

Throughout the day there were tons of  connection issues, all the matches were delayed and the admins decided that the loser bracket would  be played in a bo3 format with 2 bans. At first I thought this was an advantage because it was easier to lock certain decks this way. However,  I ended up playing against someone I previously defeated in the winner’s bracket and he knew my line-up well. My tempo warrior ended up losing twice against his Zoo and Midrange Hunter and that was the end of the tournament for me.

However my disappointment over this loss was quickly overcome by seeing Chinoize advancing to the semi-finals of the winner’s bracket.

Together with Mitsuhide, who was previously thrown out of the tournament, I gave him my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ and he ended up securing at least a top 3 spot. I’m looking forward to see him play the finals tomorrow and I hope he will win Dreamhack Tours 2016!”[ish_image image=”2735″ size=”full”]


After falling out of the tournament rather quickly, I felt disappointed and upset. My teammates were still in it and that at least uplifted my spirits a little.

I didn’t feel like doing nothing, and just started entering an online open tournament for the hearthstone  championship points and talking things over with Chinoize & Guukboii.

I’ll be rooting for Chinoize tomorrow and I believe in his ability to take this major title home.[ish_image image=”2736″ size=”full”]

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Chinoizeboys ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ