ESEA versus Bpro

Posted by Catherine Rector 6 June 2019 in CS:GO

The CS:GO team is gearing up for another ESEA Advanced game night! They’ll be taking on Bpro in a Bo1 at 21:00, playing on Mirage. Brackets can be found here.

The team is currently in 3-4 in the standings. This week also signals the return of DENZSTOU, one of S1’s alumni players.

The CS:GO team competed in ESEA Main last season. After a convincing climb through the Group Stage and the Brackets, they landed in first place. With ESEA Main conquered, the team is confident it can handle the level of competition that Advanced holds in store.

Aside from their adventure through ESEA Advanced, the CS:GO team have taken a handful of Top 3 prizes at online and offline events, including Frag-o-matic 21.0, LouvardGame 4.1, LouvardGame 4.2, and ESEA Main. The team was specially chosen by CS:GO veteran Stev0se, who had skill, team play and dedication in mind. It seems the bet has paid off, as they’re the first fully Belgian team to have qualified for ESEA Advanced.

This game versus Bpro isn’t enough for you? We’ve got more on the way! The CS:GO team plays another ESEA Advanced match against Wisla Plock on Monday, June 10. Join them for nightly games until June 13th!