ESEA versus Granit Gaming

Posted by Catherine Rector 22 May 2019 in CS:GO

Tonight is another ESEA Advanced game night! The CS:GO team will be taking on Granit Gaming in a Bo1 at 21:00. They’ll be playing on Inferno. Brackets can be found here.

The team is currently in 3-2 in the standings.

The CS:GO team competed in ESEA Main last season. After a convincing climb through the Group Stage and the Brackets, they landed in first place. With ESEA Main conquered, the team is confident it can handle the level of competition that Advanced holds in store.

Aside from their progress in ESEA Advanced, the team has also just returned from LouvardGame 4.2, where they finished third place. They had an incredible match versus team Chebran, during which the teams went 80 rounds on Inferno. It took five overtimes, but Sector One came out 41-39!

You can keep up with their Kayzr League games as well. The group stage is over, but S1 is headed into the semi-finals in June, competing for the coveted spot at the Kinepolis Antwerp Finals.

The game versus Granit Gaming is just the first of three this week! The CS:GO team plays another ESEA Advanced match on Thursday, May 23rd at 21:00 against BLUEJAYS esports. Next up is Bpro on May 26th at 17:00.