ESL Benelux Championship Qualifiers

Posted by Rondels 11 May 2016 in Hearthstone

[ish_image image=”2552″ size=”full”]Mitsuhide, Arneej and Lbdutchboy participated in the next step of the ESL Benelux Championship: “The qualifier playoffs”; where 16 qualified players challenge each other until only 8 players are left standing to move on to the next phase: “the groups stages”[ish_image image=”2551″ size=”full” align=”center” global_atts=”yes” style=”width:80%;border: 1px solid #ccc;”]All 3 players came prepared and fought fiercely, unfortunately with 3 players qualifying it was very likely that our players would have to face one another at some point. This resulted into a team kill between Arneej and Mitsuhide right before the cutoff. After the win versus Mitsuhide, Arneej was now qualified for the group stages.

Meanwhile Lbdutchboy was having a clean run towards the playoffs beating his opponents 3-0 & 3-1, placing himself for the next stage of the ESL Benelux Championship.

In the loser brackets Mitsuhide had to face his former teammate “Sjoesie”, who eliminated Mitsuhide in a close 3-2 match.

This means that Lbdutchboy & Arneej will be moving on to the Group Stages (round of eight) of the ESL Benelux Championship where they will have to compete until the final 4 have been decided.