ESL Dutch Championship – Sector One vs S1 Academy

Posted by Catherine Rector 23 May 2019 in League of Legends

Tonight is the fifth week of the ESL Dutch Championship and we have a very special game for you! The main roster will take on S1 Academy at 19:00, duking it out for the win that will help them climb the standings. You can watch the match live on Twitch.

Last week, Academy lost against Defusekids, while the main roster took a win versus against mCon esports. Academy is currently 1-3 in the standings, while the main roster is 3-1.

Sector One - League of Legends - ESL Dutch Championship - Academy S1 main roster
Sector One Academy refueling at The Party 17

Staff and community alike are eager to see how the main roster will continue to show off their skills through the rest of the tournament. Saviour’s departure has created an opportunity for considerable adaptation in the team. Atrocez moves back to Support, making room for Tent as the new addition to the Jungle.

The current lineup is:

Top Lane – Zhergoth
Jungle – Tent
Mid Lane – Night
ADC – Mytheos
Support – Atrocez

The Academy lineup will remain the same:

Top Lane – Psclly
Jungle – Izoyu
Mid – Dragflick
ADC – Slyv3r
Support – Woong
Sub – Boohon

The ESL Dutch Championship Group Stage takes place every Thursday evening from April 4th to June 6th. Watch live via Twitch or keep up with the results.