ESL Dutch Championship Victory vs Echo Zulu

Posted by Catherine Rector 10 May 2019 in League of Legends

The third round of the ESL Dutch Championship was played last night.
The main roster played against Team Echo Zulu and Academy took on Team Animals.

The main roster picked up an exciting win versus Team Echo Zulu. The game started out with a standard laning phase, but heads were already rolling in the bot lane at six minutes. An early lead went to S1, but EZ was able to even out the gold and kills by 20 minutes. A sneaky Baron pickup by S1 gave them the power to clear out all of EZ’s second tier turrets; the top lane inhibitor was taken not long after.

Things got really bloody at 30 minutes when a series of team fights brought the kill score from 11-11 to 15-14 in favour of S1. The final team fight began on an engage from EZ, but a near ace from S1 left the EZ base ready to capture. The nexus fell at 36 minutes, with a 7.5k gold lead, 10 towers to 3, and 24 kills to 16 in favour of Sector One.

Watch the final moments of the game here:

This game was the second official match with the new lineup:

Top Lane – Zhergoth
Jungle – Tent
Mid Lane – Night
ADC – Mytheos
Support – Atrocez

The main roster is currently sitting 2-1 in the standings, while Academy is 1-2.

The ESL Dutch Championship Group Stage takes place every Thursday evening from April 4th to June 6th. Watch live via Twitch or keep up with the results. Next week, Academy will take on Defusekids at 19:00, while the main roster battles it out against mCon Esports at 21:00