ESL Proximus Championship: CS:GO

Posted by Catherine Rector 26 September 2018 in CS:GO

The Sector One CS:GO team won three out of four maps last night during the first and second rounds of the ESL Proximus Championship Winter CS:GO Regulations.

The first match was played on Nuke against team Slackers. Sector One brought home a tidy 16 – 9 victory, advancing them to the next stage of the ladder.

The next round brought them up against Hexa-Gaming in a best of three. The team struggled to stay ahead on Overpass. They lost both pistol rounds, which resulted in a 5 – 10 Counter-Terrorist side and 8 – 6 on the Terrorist side. They bounced back on the second map, Cache, with a tight 16 – 11 victory. Then, proving that Sector One is never down and out, the team took home an impressive 16 – 6 victory on Dust2.

When asked how he felt about their progress, Masti said, “Despite our brand new line-up with two new players, we managed to qualify for the Proximus League. We’re still adjusting to each other’s play styles, but everyone will give 110% to have a great season.”

Magiwala, Masti, Brook, StevOse, and DENZSTOU now move on to the semifinals, which qualifies them for the winter season.

The ESL Proximus Championship is the national Belgian competition for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. With a prize pool of €20.000 between the two games, and free entrance, it is a must-play event. Winners of the qualifiers take home €300 and the CS:GO teams get a shot at the ESL Pro European Championship.