ESL Proximus Championships: LoL

Posted by Catherine Rector 28 September 2018 in League of Legends

Sector One continued their ESL Proximus Championship adventure today in the League of Legends Relegations. The team, with Sebs, Atrocez, Night, Mytheos, Stanniez, and Saviour, brought their best game to the table last night, winning all three games and qualifying for the winter season.

Match One – B01 vs 4 Apes and Yayak

The first match was a best of one against 4 Apes and Yayak. Night showed his mid-lane skills with Akali with a 6/0/1 KDA by the 15 minute mark. A strong team presence resulted in a unanimous surrender from 4AaY at 15:25, with a final KDA of 11/3/14.

Match 1 KDA Stats - League of Legends

Match Two – Bo3 vs Winnions

The victory landed them in a best of three matchup against Winnions. The teams were equally matched, but Sector One was tenacious. They tore through Winnions’ towers and destroyed the nexus at 30:45 with a team KDA of 27/19/44, putting them in a good position in the best of three.

Match 2 KDA Stats - League of Legends

Match Three – Bo3 vs Winnions

Sector One managed to exercise nearly complete map domination in game two, keeping all their towers intact and only giving up a single dragon, which they traded for Rift Herald. Bot lane had a strong presence, with Mytheos taking home a 13/2/5 KDA with Tristana, and Saviour living up to his namesake on a 3/3/16 Braum. The game wrapped up at 26:56, with a 29/11/44 victory over Winnions.

Match 3 KDA Stats - League of Legends

What’s next for Sector One?

The team’s win streak qualifies them for the ESL Proximus Championship Winter 2018. You can follow their progress starting Thursday, October 11 at 21:00 CEST. The full schedule is available here.

When asked about how he felt about the games and his choice to play Akali in all three matches, Night said, “Akali is a really strong pick in the meta right now. She’s pick-or-ban; If you can’t ban her, you have to play her. Looking at the results, I think we made the right decision.”

Our CS:GO team is also busy climbing through the ESL Proximus Championships. You can follow their progress here. 

The ESL Proximus Championship is the national Belgian competition for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. With a prize pool of €20.000 between the two games, and free entrance, it is a must-play event. Winners of the qualifiers take home €300 and the CS:GO teams get a shot at the ESL Pro European Championship.