Guukboii’s Insomnia 58 Winning Decks

Posted by Rondels 29 August 2016 in Hearthstone

Last weekend 08/26 – 08/28, professional Hearthstone player “Guukboii” attended Insomnia 58. One of the biggest Hearthstone events throughout the year.

After falling one game short in the main event, he went on to redeem himself in the “Redemption Cup”.

The Redemption Cup is an extra event for players not making the top 8 cut off, of the main event. The event has a £2,000 prize pool, and was filled with professional players such as: MrYagut, Akawonder, Greensheep,…

The Redemption cup was played in the same fashion as the main event first a top 8 Swiss cut off into Brackets.

Both Mitsuhide & Guukboii made it through the Swiss stage and into the top 8 Bracket of Insomnia 58, but unfortunately had to face one another in the loser bracket.