Hearthstone Expansion – ‘One Night in Karazhan’

Posted by Rondels 30 July 2016 in Hearthstone
Hearthstone Expansion – One Night in Karazhan

When Blizzard made the transition from a single play format to Standard and Wild in the Spring of 2016, they also announced that every ‘format year’ (2016 being the Year of the Kraken) would consist of 2 Expansions and 1 Adventure of new cards being added to replace those that would cycle out. With the successful launch of Whispers of the Old Gods in April this year, the complete playerbase of Hearthstone has anxiously been awaiting the announcement of the new Adventure to come.

As a huge fan-favorite raid instance from the World of Warcraft, Karazhan was mentioned each time when there have been talks or rumors about a new Adventure to hit Hearthstone. Even Ben Brode hinted that within Team Five, Karazhan had popped up in previous brainstorm sessions for source material. And apparently the time for Karazhan is upon us, introduced with a flashy trailer, its own  website ( www.karazhan.com ) and a steady trickle of information we are now being prepared for it’s inevitable release – and the impact it will have on the current meta – on August 11.

With the information known so far it seems that One Night in Karazhan (the official name of this adventure) follows the example set by League of Explorers. It is released in a relatively short timeframe of its announcement, has a light tone with a lot of humor, features 4 wings with a total of 13 bosses and most importantly, the adventure will give us another 45 cards to play with.

What do we know so far?

  • 45 new cards
  • 13 boss fights
  • 4 Wings (+ prologue)
  • 9 class challenges.
  • 3 cardbacks seem to be linked to the Karazhan themed adventure
  • Official launch date: August 11th.

— One cardback rewarded for the season/month of release (August 2016 season).

— One cardback rewarded for purchasing the full adventure within first week of release.

— One cardback rewarded for completing Heroic Mode of the adventure.

— At least one new gameboard has been shown

— At the time of writing 9/45 have been revealed.

No Warrior, Shaman or Priest cards revealed yet. More information will be added to this article over the coming weeks and in the meantime, the Hearthstone community will be able to discuss the impact of the new cards and what their entry into the card collection will mean for the meta.