Mill Warlock by Sjoesie
September 11, 2017 /0/More

Hello, I’m Sjoesie, a Belgian Hearthstone player and deck builder playing for the pro team Sector One. After the release of the new expansion KoFT, I’ve been testing around...

Top Legend Decks: June Part 1
June 15, 2017 /0/More

Top Legend Decks June Part 1 - Showing the most performing and creative decks of this first half of season 39, that reached top legend ranks.

Top Legend Decks: May Finishes
June 3, 2017 /0/More

Sector One's Arneej (@ONE_Arneej) here, bringing you the decks that were played at Top Legend Hearthstone ranks in the month of May.

Top Legend Decks: Un’Goro Expansion
May 14, 2017 /3/More

Guukboii here again, bringing you my insight into a few creative and interesting decks that were successfully played at the Top Legend ranks in the current Un’Goro meta.

Sjoesie’s Top 10 Legend Miracle Priest Guide
May 12, 2017 /2/More

Hello, I’m Sjoesie, a Belgian Hearthstone player. You might know me for the guide I wrote about an unique Echo Mage, with which I reached a top 100 finish.

Competitive Insight Un’Goro Card Review
March 21, 2017 /4/More
S23 Part 1 – Omelette Du Fromage
February 12, 2016 /0/More
S22 – Part 2 – Riding the #1 bus
January 26, 2016 /0/More

Time for part 2 of this month’s top legend ladder decks. While new and innovative decks are still being played, midrange decks remain powerful and dominate the ladder right...

S22 – Part 1 – Anyfin can Rank 1
January 14, 2016 /0/More
Rondels Disenchanting Guide
January 12, 2016 /0/More

“Should I keep this card?” This is a guide mainly designed for newer players who have only started gathering their first cards or whose set is far from complete....

S21 – Part 1 – Top Legend Ladder Decks
December 7, 2015 /0/More

This season promises to be a very exciting one. It is the first season that will award points for the Hearthstone World Championships of 2016. Blizzard did announce that...

S20 – Week 3 Time to Explore!
November 21, 2015 /0/More