House Rivalries: Round 1, 2 and 3

Posted by Catherine Rector 6 May 2019 in Hearthstone

Saturday was the first of weekends of the House Rivalries competition. Round 1, 2 and 3 were played over the duration of the evening, with 30 teams participating.

First Round – Sector One vs Team Vertex – Loss – 0 – 3
Second Round – Sector One vs Intrepid Fox – Win – 3 – 1
Third Round – Sector One vs Phelan Gaming – Win – 3 – 2

The results of Round 1, 2 and 3 leave the Hearthstone team with six points in the standings.

The players will be back for Rounds 4, 5 and 6 on Saturday, May 11th. Round 4 will be against Team Viral, with the other two rounds determined later in the week.

The tournament is played online as a Swiss Bo5 and they’ll be playing nine rounds over three weeks. The playoffs will be single elimination between the top 12 teams, where they’ll compete for first place. It’s in its second season.

Sector One - Hearthstone - House Rivalries - Badajimpom Joske Sjoesie AVZ

Many tournaments pit individual players against each other, but this tournament encourages team play. Each round consists of three players working together on one game, using each other’s individual knowledge and expertise to make the best possible choices for each matchup. Joske, Sjoesie, AVZ, and Badajimpom are all registered to play under the Sector One House.

The Hearthstone team will return on Wednesday, May 8th for the third round of the Kayzr League. Sjoesie will take on Mitsuhide at 19:00, while AVZ will play Echo Zulu’s Narra at 21:00.

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