House Rivalries Week Two

Posted by Catherine Rector 10 May 2019 in Hearthstone

The Hearthstone team will be playing House Rivalries Week Two tonight. The tournament, which runs for four weeks, combines the skills of entire teams to play on a single Hearthstone board against other rival teams, known as Houses.

The tournament is a Swiss 3v3, fought out in a Bo5 format. Joske, AVZ, Sjoesie, and Badjimpom are all registered to compete. The top 12 teams from the Swiss portion of the tournament will move into the bracket stage. Rounds 4, 5, and 6 will be played tonight, with the first round played against Team Viral.

Two out of three rounds went to Sector One last week:

First Round – Sector One vs Team Vertex – Loss – 0 – 3
Second Round – Sector One vs Intrepid Fox – Win – 3 – 1
Third Round – Sector One vs Phelan Gaming – Win – 3 – 2

Sector One - Hearthstone - Sjoesie - The Party - House Rivalries Week Two

The team will be divided between two events this weekend; LouvardGame 4.2 and House Rivalries. Sjoesie will head up the House Rivalries, with his teammates joining him online between official LouvardGame matches.

House Rivalries Week Two begins at 18:00 CEST.

Keep your eyes open for more Hearthstone action this week at LouvardGame 4.2. AVZ and Sjoesie will also be back this Wednesday, May 15th for the next round of the Kayzr League. AVZ will play against Corax’ Aikoio at 19:00, followed by Sjoesie versus mCon’s CptnKitty at 21:00. For more information about their standings, check the website next week.