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Both our Hearthstone Team & Rocket League Team will be competing at Insomnia 58 in  Nec, Birmingham.

On this page we will provide you with a live update of ongoing action.

Useful info:

Rocket League Bracket:


Rocket League Stream:

Hearthstone Bracket:

Main Compo: Battlefly
Redemption Cup: Battlefly

Hearthstone Stream:

Rocket League

Final Result: 2nd Place – Winning  £750



Saturday 27th August: The players unfortunately didn’t make the top 8 cut and are now competing in the “Insomnia Redemption Cup” for a £2,000 Prize Pool.


  • 1st Place: £1000
  • 2nd Place: £500
  • 3rd Place: £350
  • 4th Place: £150


Mitsuhide & Guukboii both made it to the top 8 of the Redemption Cup, they will be competing in a double elimination bracket for a £2,000 Prize Pool.

Guukboii Hearthstone Sector One
Guukboii (Loser Bracket)
Round 1 WB: Guukboii vs Jambre (3-1)
Round 2 WB: Guukboii vs ThatGuy (1-3)
Round 3 LB: Guukboii vs Mitsuhide (3-2)
Round 4 LB: Guukboii vs Jambre (3-1)
Round 5 LB: Guukboii vs Bunnyhoppor (3-2)
Round 6 Grand Final: Guukboii vs Thatguy (0-0)
Mitsuhide Hearthstone Sector One
Mitsuhide (Eliminated)
Round 1 WB: Mitsuhide vs DpixsAywe (1-3)
Round 2 LB: Mistuhide vs Greensheep (3-2)
Round 3 LB: Mitsuhide vs Guukboii (2-3)


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