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Posted by Doppler 2 October 2016 in League of Legends


Hi, I’m Bwipo!  I’ve had some experience playing Jayce in former seasons, and having a solid base to work with, I’ve picked him up once more due to the recent changes to Jayce’s R. He’s climbed back up the tier list and I’d like to share my knowledge on some of his more intricate mechanics, as he’s gone from barely being played to top tier once more. In my opinion, Jayce is the best top laner in the game for soloqueue as of 6.18.

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For top lane Jayce, I prefer running one attack speed quint. You’ll see 15 AD pages fairly commonly, focused on maximizing damage output through animation cancelling and helps bullying the lane. Both are fine, I just like having the attack speed quint with Fury in the Ferocity tree to have the 10% attack speed. Armor penetration is the better scaling build, but this isn’t as good in top lane, as you’ll be forced to brawl in the early game.

Mid lane tends to run an Armor Penetration build, which is also viable. However, with how top lane works out you’ll generally end up having to brawl it out rather than sit back in the fog of war to prime your lane opponent for an all in. Hence, I prefer attack speed as it is more relevant in an all in in the earlier stages. Also great for harassing easy matchups.

Note that running flat armor or hp/lvl are both fine. I’ll run armor in the examples because that’s the most common for seals, however scaling health is just as relevant in the right matchup. For glyphs, running CDR (flat or scaling) are just as good as MR.

AP Matchup

Note that into AP matchups like Rumble or Kennen,  you could run 9 flat MR glyphs since that ensures lane dominance, which is exactly what you’re trying to do with an aggressive page running no armor pen.

Runes 1 Jayce Guide By Bwipo Sector One

Rune page 1: My AS/AD Page, 10% Scaling CDR so I can opt into whichever boots I need.

Running 1 quint + Fury in the Ferocity gives you 10% attack speed, which is plenty to feel comfortable during CSing/trading. Scaling health and or flat mr is interchangeable.

Runes 2 Jayce Guide By Bwipo Sector One

Rune page 2: Here’s a fairly standard Armor pen page for Jayce. Again, running scaling hp is fine here.

I’d almost always run scaling cdr for the sake of scaling better together with the armor pen. Fairly straightforward, run this either mid lane or lanes you don’t feel like you’ll fight too often.

Runes 3 Jayce Guide By Bwipo Sector One

Rune page 3: Not much to discuss on this page, perhaps the 10% Scaling CDR. Most people do this on Jayce, I just like having an attack speed quintessence. Flat mr is great into AP but this allows you to opt into different boots as well.


Alright, getting into masteries. Personally, the only real difference you’ve got here is the Keystone. Thunderlord’s Decree or Stormraider’s Surge, and Fury or Sorcery (Ferocity).

You’ll consistently proc Stormraider’s Surge off of just the Shockblast Accelleration Gate (on squishier targets). This in return lines you up for the Hammer Stance, which is an easy execute on fragile targets. Hence, I like this Keystone over Thunderlord’s Decree.

Note the mix in Vampirism and Natural Talent. It’s getting mixed this way commonly to complement your AD pages, however I’m not 100% on which is better mathematically (2 and 3 split or 1 and 4). So I’ll just leave both here, so you can choose for yourself. Mixing some Meditation and Executioner to help out with the mana regen, synergizes well with Tear too.

Masteries 1 Jayce Guide By Bwipo Sector One

Mastery page 1: Standard page with TLD. Mixes explained above.

Masteries 2 Jayce Guide By Bwipo Sector One

Mastery page 2: Same page, different Keystone. Run Stormraider’s into matchups where you want short trades, but need that little extra oomph to get out of range (Kennen, for example).

I’ll elaborate on when you should take it, in the matchup section. I’ll almost always run this + rune page 1.

Masteries 3 Jayce Guide by Bwipo Sector One
Masteries 3 Jayce Guide by Bwipo Sector One

Mastery page 3: Same Keystone, different Ferocity tree. I’d run this with an armor pen page.

Note the changes from Fury to Sorcery.

Jayce’s Abilities

Hextech Capacitor Jayce Guide by Bwipo

Hextech Capacitor (Passive):INNATE: Each time Jayce switches between Transform: Mercury Hammer and Transform: Mercury Cannon he is ghosted and gains 40 bonus movement speed for 1.25 seconds.

To The Skies! (Q) :

Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 – Range: 600 – Cost: 40 Mana
ACTIVE: Jayce dashesto the target enemy and smashes his hammer to the ground, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area and slowing them for 2 seconds.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 120% bonus AD)
SLOW: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55%

“Great for initiating trades in the laning phase, amazing at punishing positional mistakes during teamfights.”

Shock Blast! (Q) :

Cooldown: 8 – Range: 1050 / 1470 – Speed: 1450 / 1890 – Cost: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Mana
ACTIVE: Jayce fires an orb of electricity that detonates upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, dealing physical damage to all enemies around them. If Shock Blast is fired through an Acceleration gate its area of effect, range and damage are increased by 40%, and its speed by 30.34%.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 120 / 170 / 220 / 270 / 320 (+120% bonus AD)
ACCELERATED PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 98 / 168 / 238 / 308 / 378 / 448 (+ 168% bonus AD)

“This is your main poke, and consistently landing these will reward you with a ridiculous amount of kill pressure in the early game, and top-notch poke in the mid-late game stages.”

Lightning Field (W) :

Cooldown: 10 – Range: 285 – Cost: 40 Mana
PASSIVE: Jayce restores mana each time he hits an enemy with a basic attackwhile in Hammer Stance.
ACTIVE: Jayce surrounds himself with an electric field for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage each second to all nearby enemies.MANA RESTORED: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16
TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 100 / 160 / 220 / 280 / 340 / 400 (+ 100% AP)
MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+ 25% AP)

“Some nice bonus waveclear together with To The Skies! and helps to proc with Thunderlord’s. If you’re running a no Tear build, using the passive mana gain on this properly will help you get past some mana issues.”

Hyper Charge (W) :

Cooldown: 13 / 11.4 / 9.8 / 8.2 / 6.6 / 5 – Cost: 40 Mana
ACTIVE: Jayce gains maximum attack speed (2.5) on his next 3 basic attacks within 4 seconds, with each one dealing modified damage.*Hyper Charge resets Jayce’s auto attack timer.
DAMAGE MODIFIER: 70 / 78 / 86 / 94 / 102 / 110%

Pretty simple, burst damage on demand. Nice to pressure people into dodging your Shockblasts. Also, this buff stays through the R transformation, so you can melee very quickly as well.

Thundering Blow (E) :

Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 – Range: 240 – Cost: 40 Mana
ACTIVE: Jayce swings his hammer at the target enemy,  knocking them backand dealing magic damage to them. This damage is capped against monsters.
MAXIMUM MONSTER DAMAGE: 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700
MAGIC DAMAGE: 8 / 10.4 / 12.8 / 15.2 / 17.6 / 20% of target’s maximum health (+ 100% bonus AD)

“Main tool for disengaging trades in the lane, deals a surprising amount of damage even at rank 1. Your one point wonder, you’ll max this last.”

Acceleration Gate (E) :

Cooldown: 16 – Range: 650 – Cost: 50 Mana
ACTIVE: Jayce deploys an Acceleration Gate for 4 seconds, granting all allies who pass through it, including himself, bonus movement speed that decays over 3 seconds.
BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55%

“Mainly used for the interaction with Shock Blast. Great with Stormraider’s Surge to ensure you get in range for your Hammer stance combo.”

Transform: Mercury Cannon (R) :

Cooldown: 6 – Range: 500
ACTIVE: Jayce transforms the Mercury Hammer into the Mercury Cannon, gaining new abilities, ranged attacks, and causing his next basic attack to reduce his target’s armor and magic resistance by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% for 5 seconds

Transform: Mercury Cannon (R) :

Cooldown: 6
ACTIVE: Jayce transforms the Mercury Cannon into the Mercury Hammer, gaining new abilities, melee attacks, 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance, and causing his next basic attack to deal 20 / 60 / 100 / 140 (+ 40% bonus AD)bonus magic damage.
Jayce begins the game with Transform but cannot increase its rank. Instead, his basic abilities each have 6 ranks

“Swaps forms back & forth. Gives you an extra magic resist/armor shred on the first auto in Cannon, and some bonus damage on Hammer. Both are significant, definitely underrated.”

Skill Order

Q is your main damage output in both forms, animation canceling this into the multitude of options you get as Jayce will increase your damage output by serious amounts. Max this first.

W is a great burst tool once you get some points in you can weave up to 4 autos in Jayce’s combo, so you’re getting full value here. Max second.

E does its job at a single point. More points are nice for the cooldown reduction and percentage health damage (also more movement speed), but Hyper Charge just scales so much better into the mid-game. Max this last.

R you can’t rank this ability, so the skill order is fairly simple for Jayce.

Do Q-E-Q-W if you’re in a lane where you can’t walk up for Hyper Charge harass (Irelia etc).

Skill Order Jayce Guide by Bwipo Sector One

Starting items:

Long Sword + 3 Health Potions OR Dorans Blade + 1 Health Potion

Long Sword 3 pots being the safest, helps you recover from bad trades or match sustain against lanes like Gangplank as well as corrupting potion starters (Irelia, Jax) to name a few.

Doran’s Blade is the better early game option if you don’t have to match sustain, and you’re looking to trade hard.

Alright, Tear of the Goddess is being built by almost nobody. However, I think it’s actually pretty good.

A lot of the matchups you’ll be playing, you shouldn’t be finding any kills past a certain point.

I’ll use Poppy and Malphite as examples. In these matchups, more often than not neither of you will find any kill pressure past buying the necessary defensive items. If you’re laning vs an Irelia, Riven or any of the likes you need all the gold efficiency you can get, you should obviously skip this unless you have a significant lead.

When to buy Tear? I’ve experienced that buying this on your second back is more beneficial towards your early game (getting more AD to complement that 13-15 ad runepage), whilst not damaging your mid game spike.

First back: Get as many Long Swords as possible. I actually get 4 on 1400 gold, 3 on 1050 (over Dirk). I’d only get dirk if you can get an extra long sword on top of it. (1450 = Dirk + Long Sword). Gives you more options for your build path, whilst maintaining a solid spike after the first recall.

Prioritize armor pen over CDR until level 9~, past that point you should aim for at least 20% cdr and then you can move on with more armor pen.

Core items:

I’d finish Manamune over The Black Cleaver almost every game if I get tear. Purely because you can buy the pickaxe, and should you notice armor stacking (Poppy, Malphite stacking armor), you can just finish Last Whisper. Then you move onto finishing the Manamune.

However, if you skip the Manamune, you’re going for the early pressure regardless. So going either Duskblade or Maw is the bet here 100%. You don’t have the mana pool to sustain the 20% CDR Cleaver provides you, so in my eyes it loses a lot of value.

For Hexdrinker, I like to finish it as early as necessary. If I’m vs triple ap, I’ll just finish Maw, as it is too efficient at that point. However, against double AP or less, I don’t finish Maw until after I’ve completed Youmuu’s Ghostblade(Hexdrinker – Dirk – Caulfield’s – Youmuu’s).


You can get any of the above, I usually don’t get Swiftness as I think they’re not so great on Jayce because I emphasize Stormraider’s. The Keystone takes care of the slow reduction, and stacking it is more of a waste than gain. Finish boots in between Youmuu’s and your second core item (generally speaking).

CDR boots are great for rounding out your 40%, or just simply helping you spike harder with Youmuu’s Ghostblade. I’d only get these if I’m not running 10% CDR on my rune page OR I’m skipping Cleaver in favor of flat armor penetration.

Mercs and Tabi are self-explanatory. Get Tabi into the rough matchups (Riven, Irelia).

Mercs are solid into CC comps, also pretty good stuff like Lissandra, Rumble, Ekko and Malphite to name a few.

Offensive options:

Cull: Ok if you’re snowballing and scared of jungle pressure. Don’t get this if you’re falling behind, just stack long swords to build into your Ghostblade.

Black Cleaver: Solid item, health and AD is always appreciated. The CDR is only good if you have Tear, as without Tear you’ll oom too fast in the mid game. Works out as a 4th item after Lord Dominik’s Regard or Mortal Reminder though, as by then you can literally Hyper Charge tanks down and butter them up for a Hammer combo.

Duskblade of Draktharr: If you’re even or ahead and skipping Tear, get this second.

Last Whisper: Get this if you see armor stacking. It’s worth it even with just a Ghostblade if you’re forced to split push vs a tank.

Lord Dominik’s Regard: Follow up on the LW around 3rd or 4th item.

Mortal Reminder: Get this instead of LDR if they have healing. (Vladimir, Soraka, Swain, Trundle)

Death’s Dance: Actually pretty good. I’d get this over BT 10/10 times, unless I’m already capped on CDR. Works as a third item just fine instead of Cleaver.

Defensive Options:

Sterak’s Gage: Kind of gets outshined by the health Cleaver provides, and stacking Sterak’s ontop is usually not worth it over Guardian Angel. Works wonders in the case you have to split push vs Riven or Irelia though, stacks with Maw which is another downside.

Maw of Malmortius: Instead of Duskblade, if you’re looking for flat pen vs AP damage threats.

Guardian’s Angel: Allows you to use Hammer Stance aggressively in team fights. Definitely worth it if you’re looking to assassinate a fed in the back line.

Champion Matchups

As of 6.19, I strongly believe Jayce has a fair chance in every single matchup. Even Irelia is totally beatable with the current Keystone options, which is considered the most lopsided Jayce top matchup in the game. Being patient on your To The Skies! in most of the matchups is key to winning them.

Managing proper animation canceling and auto spacing is crucial to succeeding on Jayce.

I’ll elaborate during the combo’s part of the guide, but I’d say that part is more important than actually knowing how to play the matchups.

Stormraider’s Surge and Thundering Blow basically win you every lane anyways.

Mastering input buffering on Jayce’s Thundering Blow is one of the most frustrating things to play against, and mastering this skill will make matchups like Irelia, Renekton and Jax a joke.

Another great thing about Jayce’s kit is that his burst combo is capable of finishing off opponents before they can return the damage. I’ll refer to this as jousting. Jousting is basically finishing the trade before others can respond.

Lets get into the specifics.

Darius: Super simple, answer his Apprehend with your Thundering Blow. Poke him all you like, as long as you do this you win. Stormraider’s crushes his hopes even further. Thunderlord’s is ok though, as you shouldn’t need raiders here. 

  • Don’t To The Skies! into him, you’ll lose that trade unless he’s in lethal range.
  • Tabi’s are okay to build here.

Ekko: Run Stormraider’s Surge, you get a free shock blast every time he E’s you, so just land that into a Hammer combo and you proc the surge and walk off win a won trade 9/10 times.

  • Mercs are great to ensure he can’t catch up to you even if he gets a passive proc.

Fiora: Gaining an edge in the trade whilst in Cannon is what’ll win or lose you this matchup. If you’re forced to respond to her pressure with Hammer stance, she’ll beat you up.

  • Try to get her Riposte with Shock Blasts, and once it’s down you can look for a Hammer combo to shave off some health.

Gnar: After landing a Shock Blast, you can easily walk up for a Hammer combo and give him hell.

  • Run Stormraider’s so he struggles to catch up to you after Thundering Blow.

Irelia: Alright, she’s pretty hard but honestly 100% winnable. Make sure you land a Shock Blast every time she opts to go all in, because it opens you up to proc’ing Stormraider’s Surge. auto attack and Thundering Blow her after the Shock Blast, your surge will proc and you’ll literally walk out of her range. Key to this matchup is making sure you proc the Stormraider’s, without getting auto’d back too often. If you get stunned by her around level 5-6-7 you’ll experience a LOT of pain.

  • Respect her 6, as yours is almost irrelevant.
  • Play passive, get Tabi’s straight after Youmuu’s.
  • Input buffering your Thundering Blow on her stun is a super handy skill to master.
  • Hold your To The Skies! until you have kill pressure.

Kled: Super easy, just disjoint his Q through Stormraider’s movement speed and Thundering Blow plus you get plenty of time to respond to his W.

  • Respect his ultimate and the ganks it can set up though, because if the junglers coming in with that you’re pretty much dead

Malphite: Pretty simple, he has no kill pressure on you as long as you get either Phage or Hexdrinker (depends on what damage source their jungler provides). Get up in his face with Hammer Stance, as the magic damage from your Mercury Hammer passive and Thundering Blow will deal significant damage.

  • Consider rushing Last Whisper second here.
  • Thunderlord’s Decree increases magic damage output, but Stormraider’s is better for snowballing on him.

Pantheon: You can input buffer his W and this matchup becomes a joke. Eat most of his passive shield with Hyper Charge and make sure you land Shock Blasts in response to his poke. You can go in with a Hammer Trade, and even if he stuns you you’ll go about even. Just play it safe and poke him down with Shock Blasts if you’re scared of an ignite all in.

  • Tabi are great to deny kill pressure, so is some health.

Poppy: You can’t really kill her, her W counters To The Skies! (you don’t even get damage off). Try to harass her as much as possible in Cannon and possibly bait her W by walking up with a Stormraider’s proc. Tapping her with a Thundering Blow input buffer auto attack still hurts her, so if you can get in melee that’s fine too.

  • Consider Last Whisper second.
  • Stormraider’s is my prefered Keystone as she’ll never get kill pressure on you back.

Renekton: He’ll out sustain you super hard. Try to either farm it out or win through catching him off guard with some solid input buffering on Thundering Blow. You can joust Renekton in the sense that you can input buffer your AA or E in his stun, so he has little room to Q. If he opts into Q’ing you, he won’t be able to W in time.[ish_image image=”5574″ size=”full”]Riven: Same as Irelia, respect her 6. Avoid getting stunned around this point in time, and as long as you proc the Stormraider’s with a shock blast + Thundering Blow AA combo, you’ll win every trade because she can’t chase you.

  • You can play up in this matchup if you’re confident.

Trundle: Run Stormraider’s and his pillar becomes a joke. Play this out like you would vs Darius, just make sure you don’t get stuck in between a wall and his pillar. Walk up all you like.

  • Tabi’s are ok but not necessary.

Animation Cancelling / Input Buffering

Before you’re too focused on landing these combos consistently, more often than not weaving in 1-2 autos is plenty, you’ll see combos that go up to 5 in the guide for the sake of completion. Movement speed is a crucial part in getting these right, and if people flash away or any of that stuff it’ll be incredibly difficult to maintain all the auto attacks.

I’ve explained the combos with the ability names so it’s as clear as possible as to what I’m doing. Rewatch the gifs a few times and you’ll get the hang of it (some auto attacks aren’t as visible).

Here’s a small, but useful skill on Jayce to help you proc Stormraider’s Surge after Thundering Blow, input buffering an auto attack to follow up on Thundering Blow.

End of the guide

I tried to go a bit more in depths on the mechanics compared to my Gangplank guide, however this still assumes you’ve got the basics down. Also, jungle matchups are a big reason as to why Jayce is better than Gangplank right now. Sadly, there’s no room for in a guide this simple to elaborate on jungle matchups and such.

Again, should you look to find some vod content you can find me on my stream over at twitch!

Thanks for reading up until this point, and I hope you learned something!