Kayzr League versus Aikoio and CptnKitty

Posted by Catherine Rector 15 May 2019 in Hearthstone

Tune in tonight to the Kayzr League Twitch channel for the next round of Hearthstone action! It’s AVZ vs Corax’ Aikoio at 19:00, and then Sjoesie takes on CptnKitty at 21:00. The Kayzr League Hearthstone competition is in its fourth week. Both AVZ and Sjoesie are sitting at 1-2 in the standings.

AVZ took first place last weekend at LouvardGame 4.2. He won the entire competition without losing a single round to the other players, from swiss stage to the end of the finals.

Sector One - Kayzr League - Hearthstone - AVZ Sjoesie Aikoio CptnKitty

AVZ may be a newer face on the team, but he quickly made quite an impression. Recently, he’s qualified for the WCG European Regionals, the Kazyr League and took third place at FoM 21.0.

Sjoesie is a long-time member of Sector One and a familiar face in the Hearthstone community. He also happens to be drawn to some complicated decks builds. Last year he took home first place in the Kayzr League, playing on stage at Kinepolis Antwerpen.

The Kayzr League Group Stage will run for five weeks, ending May 22nd. The semi-finals and finals will be held on June 9th.

AVZ and Sjoesie will be back Wednesday, May 22nd for the last week of the Kayzr League group stage. First it’s AVZ vs Mitsuhide at 20:00, with Sjoesie vs Corax’ Aikoio at 21:00.