League of Legends Roster Update

Posted by Catherine Rector 16 July 2019 in League of Legends

We’re excited to finally announce the next League of Legends Roster! Drumroll please…

The team:

Top: Pascal “Psclly” Giling
Psclly got his footing in last season’s Academy team, having started fresh out of solo queue. This season, he’s already earned his spot in the main roster.

Jungle: Michael “Joekie” Gielisse:
Joekie is newer to the competitive LoL scene, having only started in 2018. What he lacks in competitive experience, he more than makes up for in talent and growth.

Mid: Jeroen “Night” Segers
Some things stay the same. Night remains as the star midlaner and one of the most experienced players on the team.

ADC: Luc “Barrage” van Gestel:
Barrage is a familiar face in the Benelux and is here to bring some brand new aggression to the botlane, along with his support, Forsaken.

Support: Dennis “Forsaken” Kroes
Forsaken was the Sector One Support back in 2016 and 2017. After a few years away, he returns to the roster to play alongside his old teammate, Night.

Substitute: Pavlos “Mytheos” Voriatzidis
Mytheos will be staying with the S1 family as a sub for this season.

The details:

“The goal was to shake up the LoL team. We’ve got some trusted S1 veterans on the lineup, but our new players have just as much to add. Everyone brings something different to the table. They’re very motivated to show the Benelux what they can do.”

– Jerry Dobbelaere, General Manager

We can’t currently announce a coach, but the Sector One team is in talks to bring someone on board. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

The team has already qualified for the Benelux Premier League Season 3. The group stage runs from July 22nd to 24th. The Elimination Brackets will be in August. More scheduling information is available on the BPL website.

Keep up with the new League of Legends roster on social media!

Pascal “Psclly” Giling
Twitch: Psclly
Instagram: Psclly

Michael “Joekie” Gielisse
Twitter: Joekielol
Twitch: Joekielol
Instagram: Michaelgielisse_

Jeroen “Night” Segers
Twitter: Nightwanta
Twitch: Nightwanta

Luc “Barrage” van Gestel
Twitter: Barrage_euw
Twitch: Baridge_the_adc

Dennis “Forsaken” Kroes
Twitter: Forsakeneuw
Twitch: Forsakeneuw

Pavlos “Mytheos” Voriatzidis
Twitter: Mytheosgg