Jayce Guide By Bwipo
October 2, 2016 /More

End of the guide I tried to go a bit more in depths on the mechanics compared to my Gangplank guide, however this still assumes you’ve got the...

Gangplank Guide by Bwipo
September 27, 2016 /More

End of the guide This is written under the assumption you’re capable of basics such as damage foresight, space and wave control and most importantly are capable of...

Rek’sai Guide by Etruz
August 17, 2016 /More

Pro's and Cons Pro's Great map pressure & mobility. Good farming, sustain & kill pressure. Split push option. All round good jungler. Cons Falls off kinda. Low vision...

Dreamzyy’s Toplane in Depth Guide: Part 1
May 15, 2016 /More

This was part 1 of my in depth toplane guide. If I see that people liked the read, I might start part 2 soonish. I will give some handy cheese...

Kalista Guide by Yillan
January 31, 2016 /More

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did making it. Feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below!

Zed Guide by Tafikayy
January 17, 2016 /More

If you’ve gotten this far into the guide, good! If you’ve learned something great. If you’re planning on using this knowledge on the fields of justice, awesome! Make...

Alistar Guide by Evol
January 12, 2016 /More

If you made it this far thanks a lot for reading the whole guide! I do really appreciate it. I hope it was worth the read and you enjoyed...

Jungle Nidalee Guide by Tafikayy
January 3, 2016 /More

Situational: Full Build:Usually, I build: Stalkers blade (Runeglaive) => Rod Of Ages => Zhonya’s Hourglass. As mentioned before there are a lot of different item builds. For example with...

Bard Guide by Evol
December 30, 2015 /More

Explanation: Sightstone provides you the vision you need to be safe from enemy ganks early and will be used to control objectives later into the game. From the moment...