Live Update Dreamhack France 2016 - Day 3

The third and final day of Dreamhack France! Mitsuhide and Guukboii both have dropped out of the tournament, so our only hope rests on Chinoize’s shoulders. You can do it!

Update Feed:

Chinoize est le nouveaux roi!

05/16/2016 – 15:42 (+2 GMT)

Chinoize did it. He took home the Dreamhack France Champion title!
With a convincing 3 – 0 victory he took out EBAR MicKeY in the Grand Finals!
With this victory, he takes home 3000 euros, congratulations!

Chinoize Dreamhack France Winner

The game is about to start

05/16/2016 – 14:56 (+2 GMT)

Make sure to tune in on MilleniumTV: !

Relaxing before the big game

05/16/2016 – 12:22 (+2 GMT)

Chances are that Chinoize will have to play around 14:00. Fingers crossed!

Chinoize is in the Dreamhack France finals!

05/16/2016 – 11:25 (+2 GMT)

Chinoize Dreamhack France Finals

We’re Live!

05/16/2016 – 10:29 (+2 GMT)

The winner Brackets Finals have started

Chinoize vs EBAR MicKeY

Livestream can be found here

Back soon!

05/16/2016 – 01:15 (+2 GMT)

Dreamhack France Day 2 will start around 10:00!


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