Dreamhack Sweden Day 2 Live Updates - Sector One

After 7 intensive rounds in the Swiss Format many players have been eliminated including big names such as: Dog, Reynad, Sjow,..

Our Hearthstone players Mitsuhide & Jackker have been eliminated as well and only one Sector One player remains in the running with a solid 6-1 score: Guukboii.

He will be battling the top performing Dreamhack competitors tomorrow and only needs one win to make it into the top 16.

Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhs

Bracket main tournament: Battlefly

Bracket side event: Battlefly

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Player W L
Dreamhack Hearthstone Grandprix
Guukboii 7 2
Jackker 3 4
Mitsuhide 3 4
Dreamhack Hearthstone Side Event
Jackker 5 2
Mitsuhide 7 0

Update Feed:

Dreamhack Summer ends for Sector One

06/19/2016 – 23:36  (+2 GMT)

– Guukboii finished Top 16 in the main event taking home $750

– Mitsuhide finished 1st in the Dreamhack side tournament 1 taking home $500

– Jackker finished 2nd in the Dreamhack side tournament 3

Good job boys!

Jackker loses to Akawonder in the tournament finals

06/19/2016 – 23:35  (+2 GMT)

Jackker faces Akawonder in side tournament finals

06/19/2016 – 23:00  (+2 GMT)

Jackker will be facing SK Gaming’s Akawonder in the final for the Dreamhack side event. Good luck *Jackkerfist*

Jackker takes down Hawkeye

06/19/2016 – 22:37  (+2 GMT)

Jackker defeats Hawkeye 3-2 and is now in the finals of the Dreamhack summer side event

Jackker vs Hawkeye

06/19/2016 – 22:37  (+2 GMT)

Jackker is now in the semi-final of the Dreamhack side event facing Hawkeye.

Jackker Top 4’s side tournament

06/19/2016 – 22:41  (+2 GMT)

Jackker is still going strong in the Dreamhack side tournament, making it out of swiss and is now playing in Top 4 of the group stages.

Guukboii gets shut down by RDU

06/19/2016 – 20:49  (+2 GMT)

Guukboii’s Rogue got him a 2 – 0 lead on RDU. But in the end, RDU takes out Guuk by going on a 3 game spree with his Tempo Mage.

Nonetheless, an impressive run by Guukboii knowing that the top 16 of Dreamhack Summer consists of thé best players in the world. Well played.

Sidenote: Jackker is currently 4 – 0 in Side Event #3. Will he take home the first place like his teammate Mitsuhide?

Jackker goes 3 – 0 in the 3rd Side Event

06/19/2016 – 18:55  (+2 GMT)

^ Title

Mitsuhide won the Dreamhack Side Event #2

06/19/2016 – 18:35  (+2 GMT)

After Mitsuhide dropped out of the main event, he was allowed to participate in one of the extra side events. Going 7 – 0 in the event, he was able to take home 500$. Congratulations Mitsuhide!

Jackker is also participating in a side event (#3) and is currently 2 – 0. Good luck!


06/19/2016 – 17:31  (+2 GMT)

Dreamhack Sweden - Top 16 - Guukboii vs G2 RDU

Guukboii vs RDU – 20:15 on stream!

06/19/2016 – 15:57  (+2 GMT)

Guukboii’s match will be featured on stream at 20:15, he will be taking on G2 Rdu  for a spot in the top 8.

This is not the first time Guukboii will be taking on Rdu, last time he was unable to keep up with Rdu’s Tempo Mage and the match ended 3-1.

However Guukboii is yearning for a rematch and is ready to face Rdu head on. Good luck!

Mitsuhide Wins !

06/19/2016 – 15:45  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide wins 3-0 vs Alesh in the Dreamhack Side Event!

The playoffs begin!

06/19/2016 – 14:51  (+2 GMT)

Guukboii makes it into the top 16 & will be featured on stream later! Now: Mitsuhide vs Alesh in the DH Side Event!

Watch here: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhs

Dreamhack Summer - Mitsuhide vs Alesh - Sector One

Guukboii vs Erikbeck (Round 9)

06/19/2016 – 13:39 (+2 GMT)

His final opponent in Swiss will be “Erikbeck”. A high legend ladder player with several high legend finishes

Meanwhile, Mitsuhide is on a 3 – 0 streak at the Dreamhack Hearthstone Side Event #2.

Make it or break it

06/19/2016 – 12:58 (+2 GMT)

It all boils down to the next match: if Guukboii wins he makes it into the playoffs, if he loses he goes home empty-handed.

Guukboii loses to G2 Rdu

06/19/2016 – 12:54 (+2 GMT)

Guukboii has been defeated by RDU 1-3.

Guukboii vs G2 Rdu (Round 8)

06/19/2016 – 12:04 (+2 GMT)

Guukboii will be facing against one of the fiercest opponents in the Dreamhack Hearthstone major:”Rdu”. If he wins this match, he is guaranteed a top 16 spot in the Dreamhack Summer championship. Let’s go Guukboii!

Rise and Shine!

06/19/2016 – 10:41 (+2 GMT)

The players are on their way to the event, the day kicks off at 12.00 CEST with Round 8 and 9 of Swiss.

Guukboii is one win away from the top 16, securing him a spot in the €20.000 prize pool, Jackker & Mitsuhide will be participating in the side event.


06/19/2016 – 00:30 (+2 GMT)

Dreamhack Sweden Day 2 Live Updates - Sector One


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