Dreamhack Winter 2016 Sector One

Guukboii and Arneej will be competing amongst the best players in the Hearthstone scene during Dreamhack Winter in Sweden from November 24th until the 27th.

Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhs

Grand Prix Bracket: Bracket

Side Event Bracket: TBA


Player W L
Dreamhack Hearthstone Grandprix
Guukboii 5 4
Arneej 4 5
Dreamhack Hearthstone Side Event
Guukboii 4 1
Arneej 2 1

Update Feed:

To the Side Events we go

25/11/2016 – 20:00 (+1 GMT)

Sadly neither Guukboii or Arneej made it past the group stage, but they set their sights on the Side Event now, competing for a 2k Prizepool.


25/11/2016 – 18:00 (+1 GMT)

As a horrid twist of fate Arneej and Guukboii had to face eachother in the final round with Guukboii taking the series with a convincing 3 – 0

Almost there

25/11/2016 – 16:00 (+1 GMT)

Guukboii suffersanother defeat vs Moronguy, losing 0 – 3

Meanwhile Arneej keeps fighting back and won 3 – 0 vs flamingobums

Round 7 over

25/11/2016 – 13:30 (+1 GMT)

Guukboii suffers a defeat vs Tsiboukis going 1 – 3

Arneej gains a win by forfeit vs TexMax

Here we go again

25/11/2016 – 12:15 (+1 GMT)

Only 6 of the 7 rounds were played yesterday due to some delay.

So the Grand Prix continues where it left off.

Rise and shine

25/11/2016 – 09:00 (+1 GMT)

Guukboii and Arneej both ready themselves for another day of competing in the Grand Prix