Live Update EU Spring Preliminary

Today the EU Hearthstone Spring Championship kicks off, Lbdutchboy managed to qualify by entering the Tavern Hero Tournament yesterday. Today he will be competing against some of the toughest opponents the Hearthstone scene has to offer facing off against players as Thijs, SuperJJ, Xixo,..

He will be competing for a €30.000 prize pool and one of the eight spots for the world championship qualifier in Los Angeles.

Update Feed:

The hype train has come to an end

05/14/2016 – 22:01 (+2 GMT)

About 15 minutes ago, Lbdutchboy reported us that he sadly lost his last game. Everythinig went really well, he even got a 2 – 1 lead over Sjow. However, it soon came apparent that Sjow’s final class, Rogue, was not to be underestimated. A few minutes later Sjow went to town and took out Liam. 

Well fought Lbdutchboy, well fought!


05/14/2016 – 20:55 (+2 GMT)

RDU fought valiantly but had to go down versus Lbdutchboy’s Shaman! Up next: Sjow!

RDU, you’re up next!

05/14/2016 – 20:00 (+2 GMT)

No words, just cards. Let’s play!
For people looking for the current brackets:

J4ckiechan has been slain!

05/14/2016 – 19:30 (+2 GMT)

After waiting a very, very, VERY large amount of time, Lbdutchboy finally got to play and took out J4ckiechan. Well played!


05/14/2016 – 18:24 (+2 GMT)

Lbdutchboy’s next opponent is J4ckiechan. Time to take out the Yogg! 

The waiting game

05/14/2016 – 18:01 (+2 GMT)

If you’re wondering when Lbdutchboy will get to play again, blame these guys: . The loser of this game is Liam’s next opponent!

Boom, another victory

05/14/2016 – 16:56 (+2 GMT)

We took down Pokrovac!

First win of the day!

05/14/2016 – 15:56 (+2 GMT)

xTracKyStyLe is down! 11 more games to go. Up next: Pokrovac.

Back against the wall

05/14/2016 – 15:25 (+2 GMT)

Entering the loser brackets, Lbdutchboy has no other choice anymore than to go all out and take every win possible. So up next: Lbdutchboy vs. xTracKyStyLe!

First Game

05/14/2016 – 15:15 (+2 GMT)

Lbdutchboy had a rough start going 0-2 his first two matches, but made  a  comeback and tied the match back up to 2-2. However he ended up dropping the final match having Freeze Mage versus Warrior left. He will now have battle his way through he loser brackets!  

First game coming up soon

05/14/2016 – 13:12 (+2 GMT)

Lbdutchboy will be playing versus the Polish player RBQ next. We will be posting the results soon-ish.

No updates yet

05/14/2016 – 13:12 (+2 GMT)

The tournament will start around 14:00. So stay tuned!


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