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Some great weeks have passed for our Hearthstone team. Taking home the first place at Dreamhack Tours, getting a top 16 spot at Dreamhack Summer and snatching a rank 1 (and 2nd) spot at the Dreamhack Summer Hearthstone side-event.

But don’t worry, their story doesn’t stop there. This weekend our Hearthstone lineup* will be attending the Hearthstone Festival in Lille, France. They will be fighting over a prizepool totalling of €20.000 and there’s a total of 43 HCT points up for the taking!

Bracket group stages: Battlefly

Bracket play-offs: Battlefly


Group Stages

Player W L
Acidz 5 2
Arneej 3 4
Chinoize 4 3
Daydream 4 3
Guukboii 3 1
Jackker 3 4
Mitsuhide 5 2
Rondels 3 4

Update Feed:

Mitsuhide takes 2nd place at the Hearthstone festival!

 07/03/2016 – 20:40  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide takes 2nd place in the Hearthstone Festival’s finals and goes home with €4000 !

mitsu boys

Acidz finishes 5/6th and takes home €1500.

Great job overall guys!

Mitsuhide vs Maverick ends 2-3

07/03/2016 – 20:40  (+2 GMT)

After a back and forth series and a few dice rolls, Mitsuhide drops 2-3 vs Maverick

Mitsuhide vs Maverick Final

07/03/2016 – 20:05  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide bans Maverick’s Warlock

Maverick bans Mitsuhide’s Warrior

  • Game 1: Hunter vs Dragon Control Warrior (0-1)
  • Game 2: Zoo vs Mid-Range Shaman (1-1)
  • Game 3: Aggro Shaman vs  Mid-Range Shaman (2-1)
  • Game 4: Hybrid Hunter vs Mid-Range Shaman (2-2)
  • Game 5: Hybrid Hunter vs Tempo Mage (2-3)

Mitsuhide vs Maverick Final

07/03/2016 – 19:52  (+2 GMT)

Mitsu will be facing Maverick for a second time.

He needs to win 2 series in order to take the win.

Mitsuhide vs Nicslay – Loser Bracket Finals

07/03/2016 – 19:08  (+2 GMT)

  • Game 1: Mitsuhide’s Zoo vs Nicslay’s Aggro Shaman (0-1)
  • Game 2: Mitsuhide’s Aggro Shaman vs Nicslay’s Hybrid Hunter (1-1)
  • Game 3: Mitsuhide’s  Zoo vs Nicslay’s Hybrid Hunter (2-1)
  • Game 4: Mitsuhide’s Hybrid Hunter vs Nicslay’s Dragon Warrior (3-1)

Nicslay vs Mitsuhide – Loser Bracket Finals

07/03/2016 – 19:08  (+2 GMT)

Nicslay will be facing Mitsuhide in the loser Bracket Finals. Winner gets to take on Maverick in the Finals for a €6000 prize.

Guest casted by Chinoize!

Thijs chinoize

Acidz finishes top 6

07/03/2016 – 18:25  (+2 GMT)

Sector One’s “Acidz” finishes Top 6 out of 128 taking home €1500. A strong showing for a first time attendance at a major offline event! Good job Acidz.

Acidz vs Kyoukenet 1-3  (Loser Bracket)

07/03/2016 – 18:25  (+2 GMT)

Acidz wins vs Diamantis and is guaranteed top 6 and some cash. However he drops his series versus Kyoukenet and is now out of the tournament.

Still a great performance, good job Acidz!

Winner Bracket Finals: Mitsuhide vs Maverick

07/03/2016 – 17:42  (+2 GMT)

The final of the winner bracket is kicking off with Aggro Shaman vs Dragon Control Warrior.

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/thijshs

This match is extremely important, the winner of this match is guaranteed to go into the finals and will have a full series versus his opponent from loser bracket.


Mitsuhide vs Maverick

  • Mitsu takes game 1 with Aggro Shaman versus Dragon Warrior (1-0)
  • Maverick ties up the series with Dragon Warrior versus Zoo (1-1)
  • Maverick’s Mid-Range Shaman takes down the “MitsZoo” (1-2)
  • The “MitsZoo” evens up the series versus Tempo Mage (2-2)
  • Maverick takes the series with a snowballing Tempo Mage start (2-3)

Acidz wins versus Proto! (Loser Bracket)

07/03/2016 – 17:19  (+2 GMT)

Acidz wins versus Proto and will now face Diamantis who was previously defeated by Mitsuhide

Mitsuhide wins versus Yogg!

07/03/2016 – 17:10  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide takes down Yogg and is now guaranteed top 4 taking home atleast €3000 !

Acidz vs Proto  ( Loser Bracket)

07/03/2016 – 16:57  (+2 GMT)

Currently 1-1

Mitsuhide vs Yogg  (Top 4 Winner Bracket)

07/03/2016 – 16:46  (+2 GMT)

mitsu vs yogg

Mitsu is now taking on Yogg live on stage

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/thijshs

Acidz vs Proto (Loser Bracket)

07/03/2016 – 16:12  (+2 GMT)

Acidz will be facing off against Proto from Gamers Origin in the loser bracket.

Mitsuhide vs Yogg

07/03/2016 – 15:58  (+2 GMT)

Mitsu is now in the top 4 and will be facing Yogg live on stage. Catch the action here: https://www.twitch.tv/thijshs at 16:10

Mitsuhide takes down Diamantis

07/03/2016 – 15:50  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide takes down Diamantis 3-2 and will be facing Yogg in the following round in the top 4 of the winner bracket! You got this Mitsu!

Mitsuhide vs Diamantis

07/03/2016 – 15:12  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide will be facing Diamantis is the next round!

Acidz loses to Yogg

07/03/2016 – 15:02  (+2 GMT)

Acidz loses 1-3 to Yogg, but he’s not out yet! He’s still able to grind it out through the loser bracket.

Mitsuhide wins vs Lowelo!

07/03/2016 – 14: 52 (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide wins vs Lowelo 3-2 ending the series with a ragnaros shot to the face!

Acidz wins vs Kennou!

07/03/2016 – 14: 25 (+2 GMT)

Acidz takes down Kennou with another 3-0!

Next up he will be facing Milennium’s Yogg

Mitsuhide vs Lowelo on stream!

07/03/2016 – 13: 51 (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide will now be facing off against LowElo live on stream!


Acidz & Mitsuhide are now both top 16

07/03/2016 – 13: 42 (+2 GMT)

Both players are now in the top 16 and will be batteling for a spot in the top 8. This match will be extremely important because only the top 8 gets a part of the €20.000 prize pool!

Next up:

  • Acidz vs Kennou
  • Mitsuhide vs Lowelo

Mitsuhide goes 3-2 vs FouFouman

07/03/2016 – 13: 42 (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide goes 3-2 versus FouFouman and is now in the Top 16 winner bracket together with Acidz!

Acidz 3-0’s Maybee

07/03/2016 – 13: 37 (+2 GMT)

Acidz faces off against beGenius Maybee, a well respected player in the French scene and goes 3-0. He’s now in the top 16!

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Mitsuhide & Acidz your energyつ ◕_◕ ༽つ*

07/03/2016 – 13:25  (+2 GMT)

After a small communication error from Hearthstone Festival, Acidz is going to the top 32. There was a 3-way tie in his group (3 players going 5-2), creating some confusion.

During group stages Acidz defeated both of these players, which means that he wins his tiebreakers and moves on to the playoffs!

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Mitsuhide your energy つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

07/03/2016 – 12:07  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide is the last Sector One player standing, being the only one who made it trough the group stages and into the play-offs.

Mitsuhide is feeling confident going into the top 32 and is happy with his chosen line-up that took down ThijsNL 3-0 yesterday!

Good luck Mitsu!

First results are in!

07/03/2016 – 11:00  (+2 GMT)

  • Acidz is leading his group going 5-1 and has one more match left to play
  • Guukboii is still in the running with a 3-1 score
  • Chinoize ends up going 4-3 and has been eliminated
  • Jackker ends up going 3-4 and has been eliminated

Day 2 kicks off!

07/03/2016 – 10:00  (+2 GMT)

After a good night’s sleep the players are now ready for day 2!

Day 1 comes to a close

07/02/2016 – 23:50  (+2 GMT)

After a long day of hard faught games our players can already look back on some stellar performance versus some admirable adversaries.

Whilst Arneej, Daydream, Mitsuhide and Rondels finished their 7 games, Acidz Chinoize, Guukboii and Jackker were not able to finish theirs due to time constraints and will be continueing them tomorrow.

The 2nd batch is underway

07/02/2016 – 19:50  (+2 GMT)

Arneej ended his run going 3-4.

Our 4 remaining competitors finally started their matches aswell.

With Jackker & Guukboii taking an early 1-0 lead, Chinoize sitting at 1-1 and Acidz finishing up his first match, we’re eager to see how they’ll perform and keep you up to date on their progress.

Bracket update

07/02/2016 – 18:40  (+2 GMT)

Mitsuhide continues to go strong, scoring a win vs ThijsNL in Group A. rounding off his 7 games with a 5-2 score.
Daydream scored a respectable 4-3 run aswell, followed by Rondels ending with 3-4.
Currently Arneej is finishing up his last game, with his current score at 3-3

The fight continues

07/02/2016 – 15:40  (+2 GMT)

Whilst Arneej, Daydream, Mitsuhide and Rondels are steadily progressing though their groups, we’re still waiting for updates on our other players!

Mitsuhide is on fire

07/02/2016 – 13:37  (+2 GMT)

2 – 0 baby!

First loss of the day

07/02/2016 – 13:06  (+2 GMT)

Rondels fought valiantly but had to lose versus Sandrax59 with 2 – 3.

First win of the day

07/02/2016 – 12:41  (+2 GMT)

And the first win goes to Mitsuhide!

The brackets! Well, groupstage!

07/02/2016 – 12:01  (+2 GMT)

Well, that’s a first

07/02/2016 – 11:07  (+2 GMT)

We still have no brackets at our disposal. We apologize for this inconvenience!

First news

07/02/2016 – 10:00  (+2 GMT)

We were notified that everyone got split in groups.
Daydream, Arneej, Mitsuhide and Rondels will be playing in the morning while the others will be playing in the afternoon.

We will try and get a bracket asap!


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