ESL Dutch Championship: Round One

Posted by Catherine Rector 26 April 2019 in League of Legends

The ESL Dutch Championship has begun! Round One brought an exciting set of games, with Sector One Academy starting the night with a win versus mCon esports.

The first game went quickly in Academy’s favour, with a 0-7 kill lead, two dragons and 2 towers by 14 minutes. mCon was able to pick up kills shortly after, but their attempts to claw their way back into the game were met with return kills and it wasn’t enough to get a lead. Academy picked up a Baron at 24 minutes and shoved their way into the base, ending the game two minutes later. GGWP boys!

The more difficult matchup came at the end of the night as the S1 lineup faced off against Defusekids. The team found themselves quickly falling behind and despite their best efforts, couldn’t get back into the game. Defusekids took the win, ending the first night of the ESL Dutch Championship.

Next Thursday Academy takes on Team Echo Zulu, while S1 takes on Team Tony. Keep up with the brackets here.