ESL Dutch Championship Match Day vs Echo Zulu and Team Animals

Posted by Catherine Rector 2 May 2019 in League of Legends

Tonight is week two of the ESL Dutch Championship. Both S1 and Academy will be fighting their way through the group stage. Academy starts off the evening at 19:00 against Team Echo Zulu, while S1 will play Team Animals at 22:00. Games will be played live on Twitch.

The S1 team will be undergoing a roster shift for tonight’s game. Due to the departure of our Support from the team, Atrocez will leave the Jungle to step into the Support role. Atrocez had originally played as the team’s Support and is more than comfortable returning to the role.

This opening allows the team to try out Tent in the Jungle. Tent has a collection of previous achievements in the Benelux League of Legends scene, including first place in last year’s ESL Dutch Championship.

The roster for tonight’s game will be:

Top Lane – Zhergoth
Jungle – Tent
Mid Lane – Night
ADC – Mytheos
Support – Atrocez

Academy is currently sitting 1-0 in the Group Stage, while S1 is at 0-1.

The ESL Dutch Championship Group Stage takes place every Thursday evening from April 4th to June 6th. Watch live via Twitch or keep up with the results. Next week our teams will swap opponents, with Academy facing Team Animals and S1 taking on Team Echo Zulu.