LouvardGame 4.2 Wrapup

Posted by Catherine Rector 13 May 2019 in CS:GO

The Hearthstone and CS:GO teams spent the weekend in Charleroi for LouvardGame 4.2! The tournament started Saturday morning and ran until midday Sunday, with a €7,000 prize pool for CS:GO and €2,000 for Hearthstone.


AVZ, Joske and Badajimpom were all in attendance at LouvardGame 4.2. 34 entrants played through five swiss rounds, and by the end of it, Joske and Badajimpom had finished with three wins each. AVZ was still undefeated after five rounds.

The tournament then switched to a bracket system, pitting the Top 16 against each other in Bo5 single elimination. Unfortunately, Joske was knocked out in the first round. Badajimpom and AVZ continued through the brackets, right up until the semi-finals.

The semi-finals brought AVZ up against Pilou, while Badajimpom took on Greyy. Both games went the full five rounds. AVZ was able to pull out a win, but Badajimpom was not. Badajimpom finished 4th after a loss in the third-place round.

AVZ won 3-0 versus Greyy. Not only did he win first prize, but he also went entirely undefeated over the duration of LouvardGames 4.2! Congratulations AVZ!

Sector One - Hearthstone - Louvard Game - AVZ Joske Badajimpom

Full bracket information can be found here.


The tournament began with two rounds in the pools, and the Bo3 brackets had started by Saturday afternoon.

The team was placed in the winners bracket, facing off against cLIVE.mix in the first round. They played Overpass and Mirage, winning both maps. Next up was a match versus Best frens, which also went 2-0 on Inferno and Mirage.

The most sensational moment of the LAN came during their match against Chebran. A team with some high profile players, Chebran took a win on Nuke, but lost on Mirage. Inferno was chosen as the third map, where the teams astounded casters and viewers alike as one overtime lead to another, until Sector One won 41-39 in their fifth overtime! You need to see it to believe it!

Unfortunately, the win streak ran out in the upper bracket semi-finals when the team took a loss versus Spawn Esports. They returned Sunday morning for the upper bracket finals and lost the Bo1 versus Chebran, claiming third place overall.

Click here for a closer look at the brackets.

The CS:GO team returns tonight for the next round of the Kayzr League, facing Kapsalon at 20:00. Hearthstone is also taking on their Kayzr League opponents on Wednesday. AVZ plays against Corax’ Aikoio at 19:00, while Sjoesie takes on mCon’s CptnKitty at 21:00.