LouvardGame 4.2

Posted by Catherine Rector 10 May 2019 in CS:GO

The CS:GO and Hearthstone teams are arriving bright and early in Charleroi to participate in LouvardGame 4.2. The CS:GO portion of the competition boasts a €7,000 prize pool for the top four finishers. Hearthstone players will compete for €2,000 over the top three prizes.

Hearthstone players Joske, AVZ, and Badajimpom will be competing, taking up three slots of the 48 player registration. They’ve been busy making tweaks to their newest Rise of Shadows meta decks and are eager to get into the competition.

The CS:GO team is hoping to add a second consecutive first place prize to their list of achievements. During LouvardGame 4.1, they only dropped a single map throughout the duration of the Bo3 brackets, which earned them that first place.

The team CS:GO isn’t just busy with LouvardGame 4.2; they’re also in the middle of the Kayzr League spring season and ESEA Advanced! They play Kapsalon in the Kayzr League on Monday, May 13th at 20:00. It’s back to ESEA Advanced action on Tuesday, May 14th as they face Boys in Blue at 22:00.

Hearthstone is also in the middle of their Kayzr League season. AVZ will play against Corax’ Aikoio at 19:00, followed by Sjoesie versus mCon’s CptnKitty at 21:00.

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