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Sector One has a lot of formidable players in their lineup. And let’s be honest, without these players Sector One wouldn’t be in their current shape and form. Our management is deadset using this motivation to take the whole organization to the next level of eSports.


Ken Sevenants

General Director

Ken has always been driven by his way of seeing things. Being the original father of Sector One helps him with his drive. Being confident about his mission, he will try and shape the future of the eSports scene.


Dietger Marechal

Technical Director

While not being so visible to most, Dietger holds an important role within Sector One in developing and maintaining our infrastructure. Using his insight and wits, Dietger is able to provide platforms needed to statisfy the communities urges.


Maarten Mariën


Maarten is a well known Benelux player at almost every competitive game. Using this at his advantage, he helped shape Sector One to the organization that it is today.