May-tabreaker: Secret Beast Hunter

Posted by Catherine Rector 13 May 2019 in Hearthstone

Tired of armouring up, prepping out a 10/10 on turn 2 or having your Flame Imp backstabbed once again? Worry no more, we here at Sector One have you covered with the Secret Beast Hunter.

The Rise of Shadows meta is starting to solidify, although there are still some decks out there that need to be refined or maybe even discovered.

When there are two classes (Rogue and Warrior, in case you’ve been laying under a rock) on top of the food chain by quite a margin, it’s very appealing to play or try to counter those decks. It’s not easy to find a deck that can win versus the best decks, but I believe that there are already a few worth talking about.

Secret Beast Hunter

Today I’m going to mainly focus on the least popular deck, although its popularity is already beginning to rise. May I present to you:

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Shimmerfly2 
  • 1Springpaw2 
  • 1Timber Wolf2 
  • 2Freezing Trap2 
  • 2Explosive Trap1 
  • 2Rat Trap1 
  • 2Scavenging Hyena2 
  • 2Snake Trap1 
  • 2Snipe1 
  • 3Animal Companion2 
  • 3Eaglehorn Bow2 
  • 3Kill Command1 
  • 3Master's Call2 
  • 3Unleash the Hounds1 
  • 4Dire Frenzy2 
  • 4Marked Shot1 
  • 5Tundra Rhino1 
  • 6Unleash the Beast1 
  • 10Zul'jin1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Vicious Scalehide1 
  • 5Subject 91 

Secret Beast Hunter deckcode:

Secret Beast Hunter is a deck that agonized ladder in previous metas but faded away after Deathstalker Rexxar outrated. Well, it’s now back to agonize ladder again (: The sample size might be relatively small, but the winrate of this deck in ranks 5 to Legend is promising. It boasts positive winrates across the board and will have a chance to win any game.

Sector One - Hearthstone - Secret Hunter - Badajimpom - winrate - Maytabreakers
Secret Hunter matchups according to HSReplay (take the stats with a big grain of salt, as this contains the whole archetype, not just this specific list)


Secret Beast Hunter is a flexible deck. There are multiple ways to approach a matchup, but in general, you want to be curving out in the early game. Versus decks such as Bomb/Control Warrior or Control Shaman, you’re able to build up an immense value through Master's Call and Dire Frenzy in combination with Tundra Rhino to close out games. This deck has the tools to keep faster decks under control and eventually swing the board (or even take the board from turn 1). It will often happen that you’ll have to play reactively versus faster decks and hide behind secrets.

Cards worth talking about:

Vicious Scalehide:
This card can do a lot of work versus aggro. During that matchup, you’ll want to save this card for Dire Frenzy. Other than that, it’s a nice piece of utility that can buff up Scavenging Hyena.

Scavenging Hyena:
While running the beast package, you’ll want to run threats like Hyena. It makes for some very unfair plays in combination with small beasts.

Master's Call:
You can essentially say this deck is built around this card. After playing Master's Call, you’ll always have something to play and it has incredible synergy with Dire Frenzy.

Dire Frenzy:
Dire Frenzy makes winning versus warrior easy as peanuts. Getting to stick this card on a Tundra Rhino and Timber Wolf makes for extreme damage that can’t be played around. Also, this card makes Zul'jin even more nutty.

Rat Trap:
This is a card that can be played around, but by doing so, your opponent has to play sub-optimally. As a result, Rat Trap will trigger quite often. In a Rogue/Warrior meta, this card will trigger more often than you’d think. This card is a keep in most matchups.

Subject 9:
This is one of the best cards in the deck. It gives a lot of value, thins your deck, and is ideal to play on curve. On top of it all, it’s a beast that can be drawn with Master's Call.

Unleash the Beast:
A good one-off that will provide utility and a lot of value, especially in combination with Zul'jin.

This card is played because this deck can also win grindy matchups. If a game goes long, you definitely want to play this card. It will single-handedly win you games versus almost any class and in some matchups it will even be necessary to pull off a good Zul'jin. Basically, it’s busted 😀

General Mulligan

Look for Shimmerfly, Springpaw, Rat Trap, Animal Companion, and Master's Call!

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