Mitsuhide Qualifies for WCA winning $9,000

Posted by Rondels 20 August 2016 in Hearthstone

]This week Mitsuhide took home a total of $9,000 and a spot for the WCA offline play-offs in Shanghai.

He receives $7,500 for finishing fist place in the qualifier and is guaranteed $1,625 for participating in the main event.

Ironically enough he won the whole online qualifier, competing from Shanghai where he was visiting relatives.

Let’s take a look at his run & his decklists.

After winning the online open qualifier event with over 400 players participating, Mitsuhide managed to place himself for the European WCA play-off.

The WCA  Tournament consists of two stages:

  • Stage 1: Group Stages, 4 groups containing 4 players, with only two players  per group making it to the playoffs.
  • Stage 2: Playoffs: 8 players battle it out for a 15,000 prizepool and 4 tickets to the main WCA event in Shanghai.

Stage 1: Group Stages

Mitsuhide was placed in “Group B”, where he had to face off against Naiman, Spawn and Lekariy.

  • He dropped the first series against Naiman 0-2
  • Was then placed in Loser Bracket
  • Eliminated Spawn in Loser Bracket
  • Eliminated Naiman in Loser Bracket
  • Was now placed for Stage 2

Stage 2: Playoffs

Making it into the playoffs means you are only one game away from qualifying for the offline event in Shanghai.

  • Mitsuhide first 3-0’s the “Neverlucky” Forsen
  • He had hereby secured a ticket to Shanghai
  • Went 3-0 against Faeli
  • Then faced crowd favorite “Silvername” in the finals
  • The series ended 3-1
  • Mitsuhide secured himself $7,500 and a ticket to Shanghai