Mitsuhide rampages in The Netherlands going 14-0

Posted by Rondels 30 May 2016 in Hearthstone

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Mitsuhide rampages in The Netherlands going 14 – 0

Bredamasters III & Open Series of Hearthstone Recap

Our Hearthstone player “Mitsuhide” finished first in two tournaments after an eventful weekend filled to the brim with top notch competitive Hearthstone. With two tournaments taking place in one weekend: “Breda Masters” & “The Open series of Hearthstone”, Mitsuhide came prepared and motivated. Winning these tournaments, not only granted him a title and some cash, but also earned him points towards a much bigger live event, with an even larger prize pool. Below you can find more info about both events.

Mitsuhide managed to win both tournaments without dropping a single series, scoring a total of 14-0. This meant he secured not only the title, but also a high chance of a spot in the finals for both competitions.


[ish_gallery images=”3131,3132,3133,3134″ gallery_type=”masonry” thumbnail_size=”full” use_captions=”no” columns=”4″ border_width=”8″]Tournament preparation is something Mitsuhide values greatly. Before attending both events, our players had tons of practice moments with one another. Resulting in all of them bringing similar line-ups. They spent hours dueling each other, deciding on the best decks and tech choices in the Meta.

Bedra Masters Recap

During “Breda Masters” their line-up proved to be most effective: Jackker, Lbdutchboy, Chinoize and practice partner Mcon. Monkeloid all survived the Swiss round cutoff and made it into the group stage. Unfortunately round 1 of the play-offs was a massacre for Sector One: Chinoize, Lbdutchboy and Jackker all got eliminated, leaving only Mitsuhide to keep on fighting for the title. With only 1 round left he quickly 3-0’d his opponent “Egalitlarian”, and was ready to face Mcon. Yogmark in the finals.[ish_list]

    • Game 1: Zoo Warlock (Mitushide) vs Reno Warlock (Mcon. Yogmark) 1-0
      The finals started off very explosive with a turn 6 Leeroy Jenkins finish for “MitsZoo”


    • Game 2: Miracle Rogue (Mitsuhide) vs Tempo Mage (Mcon. Yogmark) 1-1
      Yogmark got an explosive start and although Mitsuhide managed to stabilize, unfortunately Yogmark’s Tempo Mage could easily keep clearing the board and Mitsuhide found himself drawing dead.


    • Game3: Miracle Rogue (Mitsuhide) vs Tempo Warrior (Mcon. Yogmark) 2-1
      A Concealed auctioneer got Mitsuhide all the tools he needed to deal with the pressure Mcon. Yogmark was piling on and finished yet another game with Leeroy Jenkins.


    • Game4: Tempo Warrior (Mitsuhide) vs Reno Warlock (Mcon. Yogmark) 3-1
      After seeing plenty of board clear and a Reno Jackson from Yogmark’s Reno Warlock. Mitsuhide slammed one of the sickest Varian Wrynn’s in history pulling: Ragnaros the Firelord, Cairne Bloodhoof and Malkorok. Yogmark had no tools left to deal with this board of enormous threats and was quickly finished by a Grommash Hellscream charging the face the following turn.

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Open Series of Hearthstone Recap

Mitsuhide quickly rushed through these brackets as well and found himself in the finals vs Emperor.A4. Papier, a known player in the Netherlands. The line-up A4. Papier brought to this tournament contained a slow Malygos Rogue, which Mitsuhide was happy to face, with his more aggressive decks.[ish_list]

    • Game 1: Zoo Warlock (Mitsuhide) vs Malygos Rogue (A4. Papier) 1-0
      The “Mitszoo” was able to apply too much damage before the Rogue could stabilize, allowing him to close out the game with a Leeroy Jenkins once more.


    • Game 2: Leeroy Miracle Rogue (Mitsuhide) vs Malygos Rogue (A4. Papier) 2-0
      Mitsuhide found himself using Conceal + Gadgetzan Auctioneer before his opponent, allowing him to fish for resources continuously while developing his board. He developed an 8/8 Edwin VanCleef + Tomb Pillager and found another Conceal. A little sequencing error, attacking with the Gadgetzan Auctioneer before using Conceal almost allowed A4. Papier a comeback, but Mitsuhide had already brought A4 Papier so low that another Eviscerate pickup finished the job.


    • Game 3: Tempo Warrior (Mitsuhide) vs Malygos Rogue (A4. Papier) 3-0
      Tempo warrior got a solid start, but was starting to run out of card draw, Mitsu turned on the aggression dropping a Frothing Berserker that was left unchecked and launched two [Kor’Kron Elite] consecutively to the face. Following this the Malygos Rogue was unable to keep up and lost the game.

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Additional Tournament Info

Breda Masters:
Is a bi-monthly tournament held in “Breda” (the Netherlands), granting points towards a grand final with a €500 prize pool! Players compete against one another to top the leader boards, allowing only the top 10 competitors to enter the grand finals. There are a total of 6 editions and this was the 3rd one. | BracketsOpen Series of Hearthstone:
An all-round Hearthstone competition with 8 online and 8 offline tournaments, which grant points towards the finals (with a €1 500 prize pool)! Held by the Fireside Gathering crew. | Brackets