The team at Sector One is proud to welcome our newest partner, Nacon.


“We’re thrilled to have Nacon as our new partner. We’ve found a perfect match not only for our PC peripherals, but also for our recent expansion into FIFA. We’re confident that our partnership will take both Sector One and Nacon in new and exciting directions.” – Ken Sevenants, Managing Director of Sector One

Nacon is a proud creator of PC and Console peripherals. Their style is exceptional, ranging from the futuristic look of the GM-400 gaming mouse to the retro translucent PS4 Compact Controller.

Left: The Nacon GM-400. Right: The Wired Compact Controller - Illuminated Model
Left: The GM-400. Right: The Wired Compact Controller – Illuminated Model

But style won’t help you make that Baron steal, which is why Nacon isn’t just a pretty face. Their range of mice, keyboards, headsets and gamepads are built to perform under pressure, including the Revolution 2 Pro Controller. It’s designed with customization software, programmable macros, and compatibility with your PC and PS4, all of which will boost your game to the next level.

The Nacon Revolution 2 Pro Contoller
The Revolution 2 Pro Contoller

You can find their full lineup of products on their website, or in stores near you.

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