Onwards to Sweden for Dreamhack Winter 2016

Posted by Neill Vanhaelen 21 November 2016 in Hearthstone

As 2016 draws to a close, there’s still one major event on everyone’s E-Sports Calender, Dreamhack Winter. For this year’s edition our Hearthstone players Guukboii and Arneej will be participating once more in the Hearthstone Grand Prix.

The event will be ongoing during the 24th-27th of November.
With 200 players competing for a total prize pool of $27,500.

Alongside the Grand Prix, there will also be Side Events in which players can compete. Each event will feature an additional $2,500 in prizes, and players will be able to compete in a variety of tournaments featuring different formats, deck rules and more. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and coverage from Dreamhack Winter 2016 on our Social Media (Facebook | Twitter)