Rank 1 Legend Decks – Part 2 – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan December

Posted by Rondels 21 December 2016 in Hearthstone

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan has been great so far, while not much has changed in the past couple of weeks, it still feels very refreshing to play.

Aggro decks such as Aggro Shaman & Pirate Warrior maintain a strong position in the current meta, but are not an unstoppable force, leaving room for some innovative & creative deckbuilding to come to life:

  • #1 Legend Midrange Shaman – Fishyyy (Twitter)
  • #1 Legend Miracle Rogue – Mr. Yagut (Twitter | Twitch)
  • #1 Legend Reno Warlock – Asmodai ( Twitter | Twitch)
  • #1 Legend Dragon Warrior – Inderen ( Twitter )

Every decklist is also accompanied by additional info on how to play the deck, how to mulligan and a few pointers. In order for you to pick up the deck and start playing right away.

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Before “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” Midrange Shaman was all over the ladder and had very little counters. This week Fishyyy & Killinallday, two names that might sound familiar to NA players, introduce us to a revamped version of Midrange Shaman. This Midrange Shaman forgoes Jade Golems and looks very similar to the pre-MSOG build.

Fishyyy also credits Killinallday for the creation of the decklist.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Lightning Bolt2 
  • 2Spirit Claws2 
  • 1Tunnel Trogg2 
  • 3Flametongue Totem2 
  • 2Maelstrom Portal2 
  • 2Totem Golem2 
  • 3Feral Spirit1 
  • 4Hex2 
  • 3Lightning Storm2 
  • 3Mana Tide Totem2 
  • 4Jinyu Waterspeaker2 
  • 5Bloodlust1 
  • 5Thunder Bluff Valiant1 
  • 6Thing from Below2 
  • 8Al'Akir the Windlord1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 4Barnes1 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
General Strategy

You want to be fighting for board starting turn 1, use strong minions like Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem early to give your opponent a hard time. Spells like Hex, Maelstrom Portal and Lightning Storm will make sure you never fall behind too much.

The midgame is where this deck shines the most: you’ll be able to create very swingy turns with an almost free Thing from Below, efficient trades with Thunder Bluff Valiant or even straight up kill potential with Bloodlust and other buff cards from hand.

Make sure to be counting your damage, Midrange Shaman still has a lot of burst potential when something gets to stick on the board.


Mulligans are pretty simple, you want your early game so always keep: Tunnel Trogg, Spirit Claws, Totem Golem.

When on The Coin you can also keep Feral Spirit, especially with a Tunnel Trogg

Notable Cards

A lot players have been getting extremely good results with Miracle Rogue lately and to no one’s surprise Mr. Yagut a wintered Miracle Rogue player, made it to rank 1 Legend multiple times, battling against Th3rat’s aggro Shaman.


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Backstab2 
  • 0Counterfeit Coin1 
  • 0Preparation2 
  • 2Cold Blood2 
  • 1Swashburglar2 
  • 2Eviscerate2 
  • 2Sap2 
  • 3Edwin VanCleef1 
  • 3Fan of Knives2 
  • 3SI:7 Agent2 
  • 4Tomb Pillager2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Patches the Pirate1 
  • 1Small-Time Buccaneer2 
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 4Violet Teacher1 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Leeroy Jenkins1 
  • 6Gadgetzan Auctioneer2 


If you are looking for an in-depth Rogue guide, I would recommend giving Guukboii’s refreshed Miracle Rogue Guide a read. His guide will enable you to make miracles happen ;). https://sectorone.eu/reworked-miracle-rogue-guide-guukboii/

General Strategy

Early-on you want to keep their board as clean as possible.

Use removals like Backstab (possibly with SI:7 Agent) and Eviscerate to slow them down. Turn 4 or 5 you should always try to play a minion while possibly removing something with Preparation (+ a spell) or Backstab. After turn 6 best case would be that you can play Gadgetzan Auctioneer on a near empty board and start cycling A LOT, with the coins you got from Tomb Pillagers, Preparation and other spells.

After that, you want to find a good turn to push for lethal.

This is something Rogue can do very easily. You can either finish him by minion pressure using Cold Blood or just board flood. Or save your burst damage (Leeroy Jenkins, Cold Blood, Eviscerate, to combo in one turn


With the addition of Patches the Pirate you should always be looking for a pirate 1-drop, being Small-Time Buccaneer and Swashburglar. ALWAYS mulligan patches away, even though it’s a 1-drop it’s fairly obvious you never want this card in your hand.

If you do have a Small-Time Buccaneer already, throw away other 1-drops and look for cards like Backstab, SI:7 Agent and Tomb Pillager. Keeping Preparation is sometimes correct as
Edwin VanCleef should always be kept on The Coin (yes, Counterfeit Coin as well) and/or when you have a Preparation.

NOTE: You ALWAYS want either a Small-Time Buccaneer or a Swashburglar because Rogue doesn’t have anything to do on turn 1 and it is insanely good in combination with Patches the Pirate to contest the board early. This is absolute priority against every class, not only because having a 1-drop is always good but also because you get Patches the Pirate out of your deck, which is a card you don’t want to draw because it doesn’t have enough value in itself.

Notable Cards

Reno Lock has been a pretty dominant deck throughout this expansion, the deck seems very strong overall. Regardless of just running just 1-off cards, reno warlocks toolkit has everything: board clear, burst potential and late game potential if you add in Lord Jaraxxus which a lot of ladder players including Asmodai have been cutting for more early game resources.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Mortal Coil1 
  • 1Power Overwhelming1 
  • 1Soulfire1 
  • 2Dark Peddler1 
  • 3Demonwrath1 
  • 3Imp Gang Boss1 
  • 3Shadow Bolt1 
  • 4Blastcrystal Potion1 
  • 4Hellfire1 
  • 4Shadowflame1 
  • 6Siphon Soul1 
  • 7Abyssal Enforcer1 
  • 8Twisting Nether1 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Mistress of Mixtures1 
  • 2Acidic Swamp Ooze1 
  • 2Dirty Rat1 
  • 2Doomsayer1 
  • 3Brann Bronzebeard1 
  • 3Earthen Ring Farseer1 
  • 4Faceless Shambler1 
  • 4Kazakus1 
  • 4Refreshment Vendor1 
  • 4Twilight Drake1 
  • 5Faceless Manipulator1 
  • 5Leeroy Jenkins1 
  • 5Second-Rate Bruiser1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 6Reno Jackson1 
  • 6Sylvanas Windrunner1 
  • 12Mountain Giant1 
General Strategy

Look for an efficient series of plays that will get you out onto the board from the very start. You will be hitting Life Tap an awful lot with this deck, so factor that into your thinking. You want to be surviving the early game until you hit a big swing turn, being able to flood the board and then heal back to full with Reno Jackson can be enough in most match-ups.

When facing aggro, your main goal is to survive and take as little as damage possible in the early stages of the game. Your minions outvalue theirs and a Reno Jackson can be game over in most fast-paced games.

When facing control, you want to start setting up for your combo – get an Emperor Thaurissan proc on one or more of these cards: Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming + Faceless Manipulator and it will allow you to burst your opponent for 20 damage or more.

When playing the mirror or versus control Dirty Rat can often be kept to ruin your opponent’s combo.


Always keep: Reno Jackson, Doomsayer, Imp Gang Boss, Dark Peddler, Dirty Rat, Mistress of Mixtures and Acidic Swamp Ooze versus weapon classes.

Keep a 4-drop if you have a decent curve.

Keeping Demonwrath is excellent if you are suspecting pirate shenanigans.

Notable Cards

Although this achievement dates back from December 7th, Dragon Warrior is still a very strong pick in the current meta. It has a favorable matchup against both Pirate Warrior and Aggro Shaman, while maintaining a solid win rate versus the rest of the field. We also saw Dragon Warrior performing well during the SeatStory cup tournament, winner: Orange was running Dragon Warrior as well as runner-up: Sjow.

The decklist we feature was made by Inderen.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Blood To Ichor1 
  • 1N'Zoth's First Mate2 
  • 2Alexstrasza's Champion2 
  • 3Fiery War Axe2 
  • 3Fierce Monkey2 
  • 3Frothing Berserker2 
  • 4Kor'kron Elite2 
  • 5Arcanite Reaper1 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Patches the Pirate1 
  • 1Sir Finley Mrrgglton1 
  • 1Small-Time Buccaneer2 
  • 2Faerie Dragon2 
  • 4Twilight Guardian2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Blackwing Corruptor2 
  • 6Drakonid Crusher2 
  • 7The Curator1 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 
General Strategy

Dragon Warrior is a rather aggressive deck that tries to apply heavy pressure to it’s opponent from the start. Gain control of the board in the early game through dragon synergy Alexstrasza's Champion and weapons (Fiery War Axe, N'Zoth's First Mate,…). Your time to shine and apply heavy pressure is in the mid to late game dropping major threats such as: Ragnaros the Firelord and Drakonid Crusher.

Make sure that you are not overly trading when playing versus control, this deck is still a tempo deck and will get outvalued when the game drags out. When playing versus other tempo or versus aggressive decks you should fight for board and value trade, unless you are far ahead.


Only keep Blood To Ichor on The Coin versus aggro.

Look for: Small-Time Buccaneer, N'Zoth's First Mate, Alexstrasza's Champion, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Fiery War Axe, Faerie Dragon.

Notable Cards
  • Arcanite Reaper: Can be used as both an aggressive tool or to control the board, depending on the state of the game.
  • The Curator: Works as a refill tool
  • Ragnaros the Firelord: Great late game threat, especially with rogue being very popular