Rek’sai Guide by Etruz

Posted by Neill Vanhaelen 17 August 2016 in League of Legends

Hello there, I’m Etruz, a multiseason diamond jungle main and I pride myself on my game knowledge and Rek’Sai expertise. This is why I chose to write an in-depth Rek’Sai guide for Sector One. My hope is to share my knowledge in order to help you guys climb the eloladder.

Runes & Masteries | Spells Breakdown | Skill Sequence | Playstyle | Itemization |Hard Match-upsPros & Cons

Runes & Masteries

Runes-Masteries Rek'sai
  • Marks: 9x Flat Attack Damage (+0.95 AD)
  • Seals: 9x Flat Armor (+1 Armor)
  • Glyphs:9x Flat Magic Resist (+1.34 MR)
  • Quints: 3x Flat Attack Speed (+4.5% AS)

Masteries rek'sai

Little to explain about these runes & masteries. Very standard runes / masteries for Rek’sai.

Spells Breakdown

Fury of the Xer’Sai (Passive) :

“While unburrowed Rek’Sai generates Fury with her basic attacks and spells. When burrowed Rek’Sai consumes Fury to heal herself.”

Little to explain, gain Fury as you attack enemies, consume fury in order to sustain HP when burrowed. Good sustain tool for the jungle.

Queen’s Wrath / Prey Seeker (Q):[/ish_headline][vc_column_text]“Rek’Sai’s next 3 basic attacks deal bonus Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

While burrowed, Rek’Sai launches a burst of void-charged earth that deals Magic Damage and reveals enemies hit.”

Bread & butter ability for Rek’Sai. Important to note is that ability is a AutoAttackReset ability. To maximaze your damage output, you want to autoattack once, and then instantly use Q.

Prey Seeker is usually used as a last damage tool when the enemies try to escape. It can also be used to scout bushes for enemies rather then facechecking.

Burrow / Un-burrow (W):

“Rek’Sai burrows into the ground, gaining new abilities and increased Movement Speed. Her vision range is reduced and she cannot use basic attacks.

While Burrowed, Rek’Sai may cast un-borrow to knock up and damage nearby enemies.”

Rek’Sai her crowd control tool. This is probably also the ability which makes her a unique champion. Her kit changes as soon as you’ll press W and you want to make good use of this ability both in teamfights as in your jungle clearing.

A good tip is to not rely on your tremor sense passive anymore. The recent nerf on it has made it a very unpredictable, nearly self-baitable tool. It is mainly used to track movement of the enemy jungler in ganks right now.

Furious Bite / Tunnel (E):

“Rek’Sai bites her target, dealing increased damage based on her Fury. Deals True Damage at max Fury.

While burrowed, Rek’Sai creates a re-usable, long lasting tunnel. Enemies can destroy it by standing on top of either entrance.”

You want to gain as much Fury as possible before using Furious Bite in order to maximize your damage output, as it has a rather long cooldown, you will usually only use it once during a gank. You want to find the perfect balance in between gaining as much Fury as possible and not waiting too long to use it in order for the enemy to escape. The True Damage is a very good tool to secure objective kills like baron & dragons as it will neglect any resistances.

The tunnel ability is probably what will determine whether you are a good or bad Rek’Sai. Good Rek’sai players will make a tunnel network which will allow them to move around the map very rapidly. You usually want X-amount of tunnels in your own jungle, to maximize clearspeed, aswell as have a tunnel entrance near your sidelanes to use your ultimate to, whenever neccessary.

Mid/Lategame you want to move these tunnels deeper to the objectives you want to contest, while you bait the enemies away from that objective by going split pushing.

“Rek’Sai travels at incredible speed to a targeted Tunnel Entrance.”

Obviously all this does is teleport you to X-location on the map. It is however a very important ability which will enable a lot of pressure on the map.

Apart from this Rek’Sai also gains passive attack speed.

Skill sequence

Skill-Sequence rek'sai

Obviously you want to max your Q and Ultimate. There is no debate about this. As to what you wanna max second, this is a somehowwhat personal preference? But I opt to max W second. This decreases the cooldown on your knock-up, which proves to be very usefull in teamfighting situations.

The other option is maxing E second, which will provide you with some extra damage, you can do this when you feel you’re far ahead – or simply when you rather go Warrior Rek’Sai for the extra damage.

Rek’Sai Playstyle

Early Game

Rek’Sai is a all round strong jungle option, but most of her impact comes down to the early game. You want to find a perfect balance in between farming and putting pressure on lanes. The tunnelsystem allows her to move around the map very quickly, with smart placements of the tunnel you can powerfarm your jungle while still having enough time to look for a gank. You usually want to decide in the beginning of the game whether your lanes have enough gank potential and who you’d want to focus.

A very common tactic right now, is to rush tiamat on your first back. It costs 1200g, and nearly doubles your farming speed. This way you can quickly outlevel the enemy jungler.
The tiamat will transition into a titanic hydra obviously. You can either rush the titanic hydra, or stall the item for your cinderhulk jungle item.

A good tip while looking for ganks is to not use your E to set up ganks. This is a very common mistake by “amateur” Rek’Sai players. You want to walk up to the enemy and use your E to close the gap incase the enemy tries to escape

Mid Game

At level 6 you will gain your ultimate, which allows you to move around the map even faster. The global pressure can enable you to gank multiple lanes at once, sort of.

There are multiple options as how you want to use her ultimate. 

  1. You just use it to the side you want to farm, & continue powerfarming.
  2. You go to either one of the sidelanes, gank it – bait a potential gank on the other sidelane by the enemy jungler – & ult to that lane to countergank it. This way you’ll provide pressure on 2 sides rather then 1. In order to do this though, you must have perfect knowledge of the enemy jungler’s position.
  3. You tell your team to group, and go splitpush. Make sure you have tunnels placed close to the spot your team is fighting though, otherwise this tactic won’t work. I use this a lot to bait baron pressure.

Late Game

Right now if the game goes even, Rek’Sai will usually fall off. He may have a lot of hp & resistances, somehow a lategame Rek’Sai will feel very weak vs enemy carries & gets shredded within seconds. You want to make the decision, whether you want to engage on enemy carries, or peel for your own carries, which is usually the better option at this stage.

Your knockup is a perfect tool to keep your allies safe. Also the splitpush tactic will still work wonders in many cases. If you have another global pressure tool on your team, you can often look for a 1-3-1 push, putting either one of the global pressences in the sidelanes.

A lot of vision controll will be neccessary for it though.


Warrior is a more damage oriented option, which can be used on lower elo’s to solo carry games. However cinderhulk is the GO2 jungle item. The extra tankyness scales awesome with Rek’Sai, which is why this guide will focus on the cinderhulk path.

All items in this guide will be situational, as you want to analyse your needs in every soloQ game. There is no such thing as a perfect core-build for Rek’Sai or on any champion in general.

Often you want to determine whether you need more damage or tankyness.

Cinderhulk (2625g) As stated before, Cinderhulk will be the main focus of this guide.

For soloQ, you can either choose between “Stalker’s Blade” or “Skirmisher’s Sabre”.

This is probably not the most important decision, and often comes down to preferences. Stalker’s Blade is better to chase down a target, giving you that extra movement speed. Skirmisher’s Sabre is better to kill your opponent & take less damage yourself.

Tiamat / Titanic Hydra (3500g)

An often used tactic nowadays is to get a tiamat on your first back, to improve your clearspeed. This will obviously build into “Titanic Hydra”. Hydra is the best DPS-option on Rek’Sai, as it scales hard with your total HP. It will burst squichies superhard. This item enables you to solocarry games.

Black Cleaver (3100g)

“Black Cleaver” is the second damage option on cinderhulk Rek’Sai. It’s slightly less expensive then “Titanic Hydra”. This item is a very viable choice versus the more-tanky enemy teamcomps. The passive allows you & your carries to amplify their Physical Damage, because of the armor shred. It also allows you to stick to your targets more often because of it’s Phage passive which grants extra movement speed.

Randuin’s Omen (2900g)

“Randuin’s Omen” is your go to defensive option versus heavy Attack Speed / Crit oriented enemy teamcomps. (Fiora-Yasuo-Ashe for example)
The passive of this item lowers the enemies attack speed aswell as their critical damage onto you by 10%.

The active is also a usefull tool vs kite teams or simply to peel for your carries.

Tip: Some abilities like Anivia E count as critical damage.

Deadman’s Plate (2900g)

Another defensive option, somehow what same stats as “Randuin’s Omen”.
Usually this item is build when you’re in need of a armor item, but the enemy does not really have Crit/AS heavy champions. (Ezreal/Darius/LeeSin for example)

The advantages of this item however, are the extra damage & movement speed over time from the passive.

Thornmail (2350g)

If you really want to annoy those ADCarries. Never build this item as first armor choice, as it simply will be a waste without other HP/Armor options backing it up.

I personally don’t like this item that much though.

Sunfire Cape (2900g)

Never build this item on Cinderhulk Rek’Sai, the passives simply do not combine.

You CAN build this on warrior Rek’Sai for some extra splitpushing potential, but generally I really disapprove of this item. It is simply a toplaners item.

Zz’Rot Portal (2700g)

If late-game you notice you simply cannot win teamfights, you might want to consider this item to go full splitpush mode, enabling tons of map pressure together with your ultimate. It has some nice combined stats with armor & magic resistance.

But usually I never build this item.

Locket of the Iron Solari (2500g)

Usually you want this item build on your support. However if he doesn’t build it for some reason, this is your go to magic resist item versus AoE heavy AP teams. (Azir + Kennen for example)

It provides a passive aura to increase your teammates’ Magic Resist(MR). It doesn’t provide that much MR for yourself however which will make you squichy. You can build it however to peel for your carries & stay in the backline. The active is a very nice AoE shield.

Spirit Visage (2800g)

The core Magic Resist item on Rek’Sai.

It has the best all-round stats, thus the passive scales well with Rek’Sai’s passive. In extended fights with Ocean Drake for example you can regenerate a ton of HP thanks to this item.

Banshee’s Veil (2450g)

It’s the higest raw Magic Resist item in the game. You do lose a lot of HP compared to “Spirit Visage” though (200~hp). You only build this item vs HEAVY AP teams. Or simply if you want to neglect a spell (Malphite ult?).

It is a cheap item however, which may be a good option when really behind

Guardian Angel (2400g)

My personal favorite item on Rek’Sai. I often build this as third item. “Cinderhulk” combined with Titanic Hydra provides you with a lot of HP, which you want to back up with raw resistances. “Guardian Angel” gives a nice amount of both resistances, has a BROKEN passive which allows you to play a bit more aggresive in teamfights. And above all, is a very cheap item. I build this item a lot when ahead to snowball out of control.

Warmog’s Armor (2850g)

Useless item on Rek’Sai. Very expensive, no raw resistances, no need for extra HP on Rek’Sai without resistances.

I would not suggest building this item.

Hexdrinker / Maw of Malmortius (1300/3250g)

Avoid building this on Cinderhulk Rek’Sai, as it is a waste of money/item space. You can however build this on Warrior Rek’Sai vs AP Assasins.

Sterak’s Gage (2700g)Refrain from building this, way too expensive of an item. And has similar issues to “Warmog’s Armor”.

Boots of Swiftness (900g)

Versus Teams with a lot of slows. (Ashe+Olaf for example)
It is also simply the fastest movement option in the game. It enables you to put tons of pressure on the map.

Ninja Tabi (1100g)

Versus AutoAttack heavy teams with few crowd control options.

Mercury’s Treads (1100g)

Most of the times these are your default boots choice. The tenacity is often a must-have vs. heavy CC teams.

Hard Match-ups

Graves :

My personal tilt champion. Insane burst, clearspeed, kite potential, still rather tanky. His smokescreen also makes it almost impossible for Rek’Sai to do anything in a teamfight.

Kha’Zix :

Because of the lack of vision with Rek’Sai, Kha’Zix will often wait for you standing still, nearly one shotting you. A good Kha’Zix will prove to be a difficult match-up for Rek’Sai. Try to make use of his lack of early-gank potential & snowball your lanes.

Rengar :

Same problem as Kha’Zix. People often think of Rek’Sai as a counter to Rengar, they couldn’t be more wrong. If Rengar can find a good countergank and snowballs on you, you’ll have a painfull Rek’Sai game.

Nidalee :

Not really a hard 1on1 match-up. Her insane clearspeed, mobility & burst damage make it a very annoying match-up however. Try to snowball your lanes once again and try to keep vision on her.

Gragas : Simply a metapick which outscales him. Rek’Sai usually outpressures him early to midgame and even outlevels him. But in the lategame Gragas has the edge.

Pro’s and Cons


  • Great map pressure & mobility.
  • Good farming, sustain & kill pressure.
  • Split push option.
  • All round good jungler.


  • Falls off kinda.
  • Low vision because of passive.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did making it. Feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below!