S 20 – Week 1 – Crushing the ladder from the start

S20W01 - Crushing the Ladder from the Start

S 20 – Week 1 – Crushing the ladder from the start

A new season just started and it’s time to find out which decks have already been wreaking havoc on the ladder. As usual the start of a new season means it’s time to start running into a lot more aggro. The strategy these players went with was to either counter these very aggressive decks or simply try outracing them.
The decks listed below have been used to race to legend and compete for the very desirable #1 legend spot.

Tempo Patron Warrior

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The new patron warrior still has a high skill cap, but very effective if played correctly. The ability to generate a number of Grim Patron can provide you enough board to tempo out your opponent. Although 30+ damage combos in one turn are no longer available. The new patron still has a fair amount of burst with Grommash Hellscream as a finisher or a Frothing Berserker left unchecked. Patron fairs very well against aggro while Control Warriors / Handlocks are its toughest matchups.

Cross7224 was the first person to hit legend on NA this season with this list.

Mech Mage

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A deck we used to see a lot more, regardless of its absence it is still performing very well. Mech mage has the ability to start flooding the board early on and taking the game away from the start. When starting to lose board you can just finish your opponent off with a burn spell. This mech mage list is very aggressive and also has one Counterspell to counteract board clears. The double Fel Reaver addition makes this deck very aggressive and can crush your opponent in a few turns.

Dwaynaa hit legend #2 and also finished top 10 last season with this list.

Dragon Priest

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Dragon Priest has always been a solid pick. The addition of 2x Wild Pyromancer makes sure this deck is well teched out versus any sort of early aggression (especially Paladin). Vol’jin and the combo of Shrinkmeister + Cabal Shadow Priest enables you with the means to combat control decks by stealing something huge such an Ysera / or killing a 5-attack creature with Shadow Word: Pain. The only true bad matchup for this deck is freeze mage.

JJPasak hit the #1 EU spot with his own take on Dragon Priest.


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