S25 Part 2 - The Old Gods Are Coming

Everyone is excitedly waiting for the release of Whispers of the Old Gods, which will give us some new cards to tinker with and (hopefully) some new deck archetypes! In the meantime players are still trying out new cards in a lot of different decks. One of these new creations that is slowly becoming popular is a new viable deck archetype: Tempo Warrior.
These are the last decks that will be featured before the release of Whispers of The Old Gods, so enjoy!

S25 Part 2 - Tempo Warrior
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S25 Part 2 Tempo Warrior

A deck originally created by https://twitter.com/ANOXShtanUdachi , who managed to reach top 10 legend with this unique warrior build, which is neither Patron nor Control. It’s somewhere in between, using the same cycle kit that Patron has and making use of late game threats just like control.

The list originally created by ShtanUdachi ran one Kor'kron Elite and a Piloted Shredder. Xixo cut the Kor'kron Elite for a second Piloted Shredder and piloted it all way to rank 1 Legend EU.

Xixo is a very skilled player that often hits rank 1 legend and often races to legend as well, you can certainly expect a lot of interesting decks from this guy with the upcoming expansion so be sure to check out his stream & twitter!

General Strategy

Use your weapons & other removal tools to keep the board clear. Your goal is to make your minions stick to the board. The Battle Rage / Slam / Acolyte of Pain draw engine should help you keep up the tempo.

General Mulligan

Mulligan hard for weapons and early minions.

When facing Paladin / Face Hunter:
keep Whirlwind (Cruel Taskmaster is great versus Hunter aswell]

When facing Midrange / Control decks:
Look for your weapons and your midrange minions: Fierce Monkey, Piloted Shredder

If you want to get a general idea of how this deck is played I suggest you either watch Xixo’s VOD or Asmodia’s Stream.

Notable Cards

The cards in this deck are pretty funky, seeing tempo warrior in a newer archetype that hasn’t been seen in a while.


It’s still pretty unknown how good the matchups are exactly, so feel free to try

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S25 Part 2 Demon Renolock (2)

Demon Reno Warlock is a twist on the classic Handlock archetype, using [Life Tap] to cycle through the deck and is entirely centered around abusing Reno Jackson. There are a few versions of this deck but its general idea is to survive the early game and pump out big threats in the mid to late game.
Chinoize is an up and coming player who has achieved a lot of recent success in tournaments and on ladder. Make sure you follow this guy on twitter if you want to see some interesting deck ideas when Whispers of the Old Gods comes out! https://twitter.com/RUZ3_Chinoize

General Strategy

Look for an efficient series of plays that will get you out onto the board from the very start. You will be hitting [Life Tap] an awful lot with this deck, so factor that into your thinking. You want to be surviving the early game until you hit big swing turn, being able to play a single Molten Giant for free and then heal back to full can be enough in most match-ups.
Versus control you want to make sure your Lord Jaraxxus is out as soon as possible so you can start making those [Infernal]s.

General Mulligan

Chinoize has written a full in depth guide on how to mulligan with this deck vs each class

Always keep your Reno Jackson
Mulligan for your early game when facing aggro: Zombie Chow / Dark Peddler / Imp Gang Boss/ Darkbomb / Doomsayer

If you suspect any sort of board flooding keep a Hellfire or Demonwrath

When you are facing control you can mulligan slightly greedier and mulligan for Twilight Drake and other slower cards. You should also value your tauntgivers Sunfury Protector & Defender of Argus very highly and play them after Lord Jaraxxus is in play.

Notable Cards

Tech Choices


Favorable matchups: Patron Warrior, Control Warrior, Priest

Unfavorable matchups: Aggro Druid, Combo Druid, Murloc Paladin

S25 Part 2 - Torch Freeze Mage
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S25 Part 2 Torch Freeze Mage

Freeze mage has been around for almost as long as Hearthstone exists and has had several variations, some even including Reno Jackson.
BradyHS (https://twitter.com/brady_hs1) might be an unknown name to some, but he is a high level Hearthstone player who is well known by many pro players. He tends to do very well on ladder, this time proving himself once again by hitting rank 1 legend (NA) with Torch Freeze Mage.

General Strategy

First off I would like to start out with the fact that Laughing (the original creator of Torch Freeze, somewhat of a Freeze Mage God) has written a very extended guide about how to play Freeze Mage, it includes detailed information about how to play versus all current meta deck archetypes.

Torch Freeze mage stalls the game out with the use of freeze spells, while cycling as many cards as possible. It is a lot faster than the standard Freeze Mage which includes Archmage Antonidas. Your strategy mainly depends on your hand, but if you have the ability to stall for a long time you can do so, but don’t forget to keep track of the damage you have in your hand. The addition of Forgotten Torch also helps you to combat aggro decks, because you are not wasting burn you on their minions, you are just putting another Fireball in your deck.

General Mulligan

Ideal Opener:
Mad Scientist, Novice Engineer and Acolyte of Pain.

When facing Aggro:
You want something to deal with their early game.
Hold on to a defensive card like Frostbolt or Doomsayer.
Then ideally 2 draw minions such as Mad Scientist or Novice Engineer.

When facing Midrange:
Keep Mad Scientist, Novice Engineer, Arcane Intellect and Acolyte of Pain. Draw early so you can optimize later plays.

When facing Control:
Keep draw minions/cards like Mad Scientist, Novice Engineer, Arcane Intellect and Acolyte of Pain.
You can even keep Emperor Thaurissan with a good hand.

Notable Cards

S25 Part 2 - Aggro Shaman
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S25 Part 2 Hello Hello Aggro Shaman

Demigod embraces the SMOrc Shaman and all of it’s potential. We have seen this deck take many tournament victories and do well on ladder. Demigod decided to cut the Lava Shock and add two Annoy-o-Tron which provides a sticky and hard to deal with board, and also gives Flametongue Totem a lot of potential.
Demigod often streams his climbs to high legend on https://www.twitch.tv/DemigodHS feel free to check him out, he’s a pretty down to earth guy.

General Strategy

Keep in mind that “the face is the place”, your goal is to rush down your opponent until his HP drops to 0. Try to take control of the early game, a Lightning Bolt can always be used as a removal tool in order to protect your board, minions that stick can deal a lot of damage over time.
Plan your future turns and count your damage, sometimes you have the damage in hand to kill your opponent in two turns. Apply pressure early game with minions and use burn spells and Doomhammer to finish.

General Mulligan

Against everything, you want minions such as Tunnel Trogg, Leper Gnome, Totem Golem, Flame Juggler, Annoy-o-Tron and Sir Finley Mrrgglton. When you have no other minion in hand keeping Abusive Sergeant is also reasonable.

Against control or midrange you’ll want [Feral Spirits] they are great versus weapon classes and protect your board.

When on the coin use [The Coin] + Totem Golem and follow it up with a turn 1 Leper Gnome / Abusive Sergeant. You can also use [The Coin] to play your Feral Spirit on turn 2, and have a 3/3 Tunnel Trogg and 2x 2/3 Feral Spirit.

When you have an okay hand keeping Doomhammer versus Priest / Rogue and warrior is also reasonable.


Favorable matchups: Oil Rogue, Malylock, Control Warrior, Midrange druid

Unfavorable matchups: Tempo Mage, Patron

Tech Choices

Versus Control: -2 Flame Juggler +2 Whirling Zap-o-matic


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